Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


About it being one of the best colleges in the world for art and pre-medical programs


I could brag about the peacefulness of the campus and they ability to have plenty of resources close to me. The classes are engaging and entertaining and the building are fun to be in. I brag about learning to weld, and make artwork in a building and computer lab that gives me sole freedom as an adult to create things that are fantastic and original. The experience of having the tools to let yourself succeed in any direction you choose. To be healthy, to be artistic, to go through the campus and town and discover myself and the world.


I brag about the great relationships I formed with peers and faculty at Edinboro.


I brag about how friendly the atmoshpere on campus is, how many activities are available to participate in, and how helpful the professors are.


I brag about how great my dorm room is and what a great christian chior they have that i sing in.


There really isnit much to bring about at this school, i mean i guess i could mention the game room being pretty nice.


The art program is well known, and the staff is well expirienced in the professional world.


Edinboro Univeristy's Elementary Education program is wonderful and very effective.


Edinboro is a great school to go to of the Erie County, then you won't be far from home. The professors help you out when you ask. Edinboro University is a great place to go to, to achieve your goal. If you major in being a teacher, mechanic, theatre, architect, etc., Edinboro University is the place you should choose. Edinboro has great professors and students around you. They are great for advice. Edinboro should be the place that you want to go.


The first thing I say to my friends about Edinboro University is that it is my second home. Not many students can say that about their school. I love the fact that students , faculty, and staff treat you like family. Edinboro is the place where you are able to grow and learn the skills how to become successful in the real world, but yet provide numerous of fun activites for all students of all types to become comfortable all year long.


That when i was a sophomore i became president of a student run theatre orginization and vice president of a coed theatre honors fraternity and that i get a lot of time to be on stage or activitly involved in theatre on my campus


I get to live closer to home