Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The diversity is the best thing about my university. I've never met so many people who are different, but all go to the same place. My high school had absolutely no diversity. I was one of three African American women in my graduating class. The rest were white people, which made me feel awkward. At Edinboro University, I'm not the only one that's different. I've met so many people who've made me feel comfortable in my own skin. That has never happened before, and I'm proud to say I attend Edinboro University .


The University was settled in a small community, which made it possible to participate in off campus activities and community outreach/philantropic activities. The small town feel really carried over to the school too, which made it easy to get to know many people on campus. I really developed a comfort in knowing that I could always talk to someone I knew no matter where I went on campus and in town.


The best thing about Edinboro is going to Vanhouten Dining Hall and eating wth friends. Academically I would say, staying up long hours and being more mature about getting things done is the best thing about it.


What I would consider the best thing about Edinboro Universty is the amount of friendly people. I have not yet met anybody who is not a good person, not only are there good people but there is a variety of people and everyone seems to get along. I have yet to encounter drama, or anything of the sort. I find that it is a good place to meet new people of all sorts.


Accessibility for all levels of learners.


The faculty is very understanding, and easily to talk to on a professional and personal level. If you are having idenity or life problems they are very easy to go to and ask for advise/help.


Edinboro University's classrooms are the perfect size. The professor is always available to help you if needed. The classes are small enough that you can ask questions during lecture, or contact your professor during their office hours or after class. At Edinboro University, you are not just a number.


Edinboro allows you to be flexible and maintain a job and life in the community. As a married mother of 2 this is incredible to me. I couldn't afford to continue my education were it otherwise.


When considering my particular major of Computer Animation I feel as though I am surrounded by driven and motivated individuals such as myself. In addition to my fellow classmates' enthusiasm, several professors in the field have worked in the business of animation for several years, being a part of projects ranging from Disney's "The Lion King" to "M&M" animated commercials. These professors truly care about helping students learn software and usage to help them succeed in applying knowledge to real-world professional positions once out of college. Basically, they care about how students learn. They Rock!


I am going into education and the program is great, you do internships at schools in the area, it is NCATE accredited, and the professors are former teachers and do group work and interactive learning a lot.