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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hey, Dorian as a high school senior! You know what, you have really big dreams, wanting to go off to California to write for television, and to get there, you're going to have to jump through a lot of hoops. Now, I know it seems really scary to have to look into the schools you might want to transfer into and see what requirements they have, but trust me, you should. Just because you refuse to find out about things you'll have to do in the future, doesn't mean you won't have to do them; it just means that you will have less time to do them. So bite the bullet now while you can. Do your research, stop taking useless classes that won't go towards anything, and make sure ou get all of your requirements done. Also, you have dyscalculia. Talk to Services for Students with Disabilities and get the help you need. It will make those math classes you've been putting off much easier. But most of all, don't forget to have fun! See you in a couple years!


Focus on being detail oriented and plan, plan, plan! Be sure to take into account not only what courses are offered, but when they are offered to allow for maximum ease of degree planning. Talk to your advisor early and often, taking unrelated courses or courses that don't count towards your degree can be a huge setback - read degree program requirements closely and carefully to be sure you are selecting the correct courses for your program.


I would say, "beware of the drinking fountains!" It is vital to pay attention to the messages you're receiving right now. Like the water in a fountain, you really don't know if its good or bad to ingest. Don't assume every voice out there is going to point you in the right direction, even from those you trust. Instead, trust your inner self, that quiet voice that waves little red or green flags in your mind's eye. Don't worry about making mistakes, though, because every decision on the road to your calling will lead you there somehow, with all its twists and turns. You will see a vision form, an idea that becomes a passion, that becomes a dream and a reality in the next few years. You would not believe the journey you're about to take, even if someone told you. This journey has much in store for you. It will form your character in beautiful ways. There will be trials and tears, and many moments where you'll say, "I can't believe I'm really doing this. Am I dreaming?" Hang in there, Treese, it gets so much better!


I would tell myself to focus more. You are working towards making your future and life better so really prioratize what you want and make sure you do all that you can to get that. To be where you want to be so you don't end up regretting anything later on. And really push through when its hard, ask for help, make your life less stressful with all of the help out there. Please embrace everything life throws at you, especially in college and don't take it lightly.


I would love to go back and tell myself to get as many college in the high school credits as I possibly could. I missed out on at least 10 credits that could have gone towards my AA. Financial aid also would have been very helpful. I ended up doing my FAFSA late and didn't complete my aid file on time. This resulted in my parents having to pay for my tuition and books out of their own pocket. It would have been a good idea for me to get a job my senior year, too. My longterm plan is to transfer to Ithaca College to study theatre. Towards the end of my senior year I missed out on a valuable opportunity to perform in a show that was coached by proffessional actors and directors. I would definitely go back and inform myself about that audition if I could. I think more about my college plans today than I did as a senior. Knowing what I know now, I most likely would have been able to get my AA a quarter earlier and have had at least some financial aid.


I would say, "Do hard things. Make decisions that are difficult to make. Set goals that sound impossible to reach. Answer challenges that everyone says you can not complete. Push yourself , to the limit , where your body rusts and your mind melts down. Then push yourself more."


When I was in highschool I was encouraged to enroll in Running Start, which is a program that allows you to attend college as early as your junior year and prepare for the transition from highschool to college. Not really have a good idea of my options I decided that this was a good idea. If I were going to give myself a piece of advice as I entered highschool I would tell myself that instead of doing Running Start take AP classes instead. I took an AP English Composition class and it was my best highschool experience. That class was more memorable than graduation, prom, my first homecoming and any of my Running Start classes. This class was not only harder and more in depth material but I felt like it did a much better job of preparing you for real college work. In Running Start I had to take classes that would earn my necessary highschool credits and requirements and I don't feel like I get a headstart at all. I feel like I wasted time. Some of the classes I took don't even transfer over iunto my degree. It was a very dissapointing experience.


If i can go back and give my high school senior self any advice, I would definately convince myself to attend college immediately after high school. I regret that I didn't attend college right out of high school all the time. After graduating 10 years ago, I finally decided to attend college and now I have to start from the bottom up. I have to take the lowest math and english classes since I've been out of school for so long, I forgot how to do simple math and write an essay. If I went to college after high school, I would have about only 2-3 yrs left to obtain a degree. Now its taking me probably about 5-6 years. I regret it dearly, but at least I'm trying now.


Knowing what i know now, i would have completed high school when i had the free education. You know the saying is true "You dont know what you got till it is gone." Well its completely how i feel about highschool. i didnt realize how easy i had it then, not having to pay for classes, credits, education! Or other nessecities of school like books, and gas! So i would have to say the advice i would give myself would be to not take anything for granted! And to treat everything as if it is my last chance, and treat life serious. I think at one point i was so depressed that i didnt want to take life serious because i was miserable with the choices that i made especially due to the situation I am and have been in taking care of myself. Because I do not have any body to call for help when i fall. I only have my self to pick me up in whatever mess i may find myself in. So yeah....' Dont take anything for granted'


If I had the ability to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would take the opportunity to tell myself to focus as much as possible, do your homework, and manage your time the best you can. Don't procrastinate or do the things you want to do first. Get what needs to be done out of the way and when you're done with it you'll feel so much better. I would tell myself that life is about to get complicated and hard and that you're going to want to give up because it seems so much easier. You have to pull yourself up, go to class and do the best you can with what you have. Never give up and you'll acheive your dreams. Good luck.


If I could go back and advice myself as I prepared to leave High School, I would stongly suggest that I get a part time job, then go take placement tests for college. Use the job to cover basics, and entertainment. Start hunting scholarships and grants every week. And get into a program that allows earning one or more certificates, where the credits also appy toward a two year degree. Areas where I have done well were drafting and computer support, so I would stress these areas of study. To be successful at college, make friends with others going to the same school, or studying the same subject matter. Study and party toether - get eachother through school. Use related hobbies to back the schooling like HAM radio and computer gaming. Additional advice would be to avoid marriage till after 30, keep credit card limits set to no more than $2000, keep finances under control, save for retirement every chance you get via 401k or other plans, buy a small house as soon as finances allow. And never stop taking classes in accredited programs. Classes through work or hobbies are fine, but they do not get the real job done.


if i could go back in time i would advise myself to be more active in looking and applying for financial aid and scholarships, etc, rather than waiting till the last minute like i am now. going to community college is a great way to keep costs down and not building up debts from loans and stuff from the very beginning, but if you want to get a 4 year diploma from a bachelors program you need to be on top of it and apply early for everything you can find.


Dont do the bare minimum to get the good grade because that will not fly in college. Be on time and do not miss class. Fill out as many scholarships as possible and save money so you wont be broke when you get there.