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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give is take your time and actually take all the steps into getting into the college you want to. I didn't really take my time in senior year because I was just worried about graduating and all the fun things right after that. Getting into a university was somewhat a goal and somewhat not a goal, I told myself I would work instead of going to school because I felt that after highschool there was no need for school but then I sat back and realized I wouldnt want to work at a McDonalds for the rest of my life and say "this is what I do"; I didn't want to do that. I now realized that I'm in school to earn my degree in Psychology and say thats what I want to do for the rest of my life actually doing something instead of sitting around and wondering what could have been.


If i coulld go back in time i wouldd haved prepared my self for has came up in my life and that i should haved stayed in school and stay ed focused and not mess around with the young females.


I now that you are planning on attending Cal State Los Angeles because your mother won't allow you to go out of state. Even though your angry now you might not feel the same in two years. She only wants what's best for you and she thinks living at home is the best thing for you. It is true that you don't have to worry about paying bills and rent. What you do have to worry about is taking that extra semester of math. I know you don't want to because Math was always our weakest subject, but because you fail to take that extra semester, we end up taking a year off school. Your acceptance to Cal State LA is revoked, and you consider not even attending college anymore. You said you never wanted to attend community college, but guess what you do. It took a good friend to push you to attend, and now that you are, it turned out to be not so bad. You save money and get the same education. Now I've said what I needed to say. You can choose to listen. The future is in your hands.


goin back first i would tell myself to pick a college you want to go to no matter what other people say. take your time with the opposite sex. dot take a class beacuse your friends are. find out who the (easy ) teachers are lol. ask about the food and the dorms. ask about curfews. ask about teacher student ratio. dont be afraid to go away from your friends. make sure you can get a long with people not fro where your from. new is not always a bad thing


Assuming i would be going back as myself and at the begining of senor year, on arrival while looking myself dead in the eye, I would ask, "What are you waiting for?" I would tell myself to take the SAT and apply to as many colleges as I could. I would also quote the wise Mary Wallace, by saying, " You get back what you give out. You sow idleness; you get back scarcity. You sow procrastination; you reap delay. You sow disorganization; You reap confusion. Start Planting seeds that return a harvest of PROSPERITY..." Before i left i would also inform my former high school self; with a smirk on my face, that mother is and always wil be right! As i walk away fading back into the present I would loudly shout, " Honor thy Mother and thy Father(Exodus 20:12)......it'll be worth more than any party or any friend". I would pray that every choice my high school self made from that moment on would reflect my visit to the past.


I would have taken high school so much more seriously. I would of joined more clubs/sports/etc and would have been more involved in my acedmics. I would have studied harder and prepared for college back in high school. I would not take the time so much more for granted. My advice would be get more involved, study more and plan more. It will save more in the long run - time and readiness for the future.


Obtain good study habits! When I entered college, I had no idea on how to study, therefore, I wasn't successful in the beginning. I would also tell myself, if you study hard and play a little less, the reward will be so much bigger, bigger than I could ever imagine. Play time will always be there at the end.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have to be sure to tell myself to buckle down and concentrate on what I have to do. I would tell myself to go to all my classes and do all my work; so I could graduate with a higher GPA and increase my chances of getting into a university on academics because i can't always think life is all about football.