El Camino Community College District Top Questions

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El Camino opened the way to be able to go to school and have a degree.


I love the diversity in the school and all the cool people you meet. As a student worker, I conversate with many students daily. Every student I've talked to is happy to be there and really eager to succeed. Since it is a community college, everyone helps eachother out because everybody has the same goal in mind, to transfer.


There are different types of groups at school. There is always new people to meet.


Whats unique about my school compared to other schools i have considered is the melting pot of students from around the world. I love other cultures so it makes me happy to see different kinds of people in my classrooms that i learn in and on the campus that i commute to.


I was accepted to UCSD and several other schools post graduation. I choose El Camino because I needed the time & security to discover who I am. El Camino is unique because its given me the oppertunity to grow more mature&confident. El Camino isn't as stressful as other schools and its given me the time to do lots of volunteer work for my community. Being on the debate team is something I love to do&we compete at the national level. I wouldnt have had the time or energy to devote to debate anywhere else.