El Camino Community College District Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


WAY too big. Not enough money going into art departments (my major), not enough equipment to get quality work done. Can only take classes once, you need multiple tries to build a good portfolio. Administration is closed off and unhelpful. Nobody actually cares about you as a student. It's VERY impersonal. Many students get cheated out of money via parking enforcement. I could go on for days on why this school is subpar and I cannot wait to leave.


It is too far from where I live now. However I am still attending.


The worst thing about El Camino is how impacted it is. This is the worst thing because when it gets down to having to be in specific classes for your major, it is sometimes tough to get into the classes you need and you end up having to waste time and money in classes that you don't need.


it has a lot of construction going on.


It takes a long time to get ahold of people who work in the offices over the phone. They either don't answer, put you on hold or transfer the phone call to another person who then, also, takes a long time to get to you.


There seem to be a lot of things operating at the management level that do not make much sense. For example, new buildings are erected and flashy advertisements are made at the same time that vital programs are elliminated. The campus is constantly under renovation and most of the renovations seem counter-productive. After a month of relaying asphalt, the construction crews return only to undo their previous work and spend the next month working on landscape, which they then dig up and cover with asphalt once more. If I were an administrator, I would focus more on eductation.


I think this goes with any school and that is not enough teachers and too many students.


The worst thing about El Camino is all the construction. It is the worst part of EL camino because it make it difficult to get to class and really breaks up the campus.