El Camino Community College District Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are lazy crowd followers i.e. going to college because everyone is doing it. These types of people are just taking up seats and the really motivated poeple suffer because they are left to try and find another professor to take who doesn't have an overfilled classroom.


Anybody who is lazy. Honestly, if you come to this school because you think it's going to be a breeze, think again. Unless you really wanna pursue a major or career and succeed, be into it and work hard for it.


Anyone who needs a lot of guidance should not try going to this school. The counselors are not very accommodating, although general questions can be answered correctly. You also need to be a determined student, as many people go to this school for years without much progress. It is very simple to take a class and realize you did not need English B, but English C instead. You must take control and do everything yourself. Registration is online, and so is everything else. You have to be very goal driven, and you should have a list of classes you need.


A person who does not value education. While attending this school I have been able to distinguish the determined students from those who do not value education as much. I have made friends with both types and I definitely appeciate their perspectives but it simply seems like those who do enjoy school make El Camino a more enjoyable place.


Someone who isn't interested in learning or prepared to do work should not attend this school. Many people don't take community college seriously. If someone is not interested in the material or serious about their education they shouldn't be there beecause they will be ruining the class for other students who actually want to learn. Also a student who has no goals should not be there. Although this is a place to figure out what one wants to do with their future, It's a waste of time to be taking classes aimlessly.


I think this is a college that any student can attend whether you know what you want to major in or are undecided. Just like any other college, the kind of person who shouldn't attent this school is the same kind of person who isn't ready for college in general nor ready to take their future seriously.