El Camino Community College District Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Pay attention! Don't just brush everything aside; you're in school to learn. Make connections with people who can, and are willing to help you in the future. During the summer, open a math book and study for the next higher-level math so instead of learning it at school, you're reviewing it with your teacher. Research scholarships and, if possible, learn how filing taxes work, this will be crucial for fafsa and other financial needs you will need in college and in the real world. Graduation is not the end, it’s just the beginning, prepare now!


that is what I am telling with my kids now... they HAVE to have a degree, it is a must!!!


Don't fool yourself. Money is nice, but it cannot replace happiness. If you love what you're doing you'll never work a day in your life, so stop lying to yourself, put the sciences to the side and pick up the arts. Practice your art every day; pour your entire being into your craft. Even though it's difficult and it seems like a long shot, it's better to do what you love than to be well off and miserable. Art is NOT easy, but it’s a whole lot more rewarding to know you’ve created something new than it is to have memorized facts that people have already discovered. It took me a year and a half of anxiety to realize this. Save yourself the trouble.


It's 8:30 AM, wake up lazy! Class started 30 minutes ago. I don't care if its JUST foods or if its the most boring class of the day. Guess what, in the future you'll be glad you learned to cook and you know that english class you find so boring, you'll never be done writing! You're gonna wish you payed more attention in the future. Stop focusing so much on trying to get a girlfriend and actually pay attention in class. My advice to you right now is get involved and take AP courses because they will indeed help you in college, be prepared! By the way, ask mom if she'd be willing to pay a gym membership for you. Trust me, you're gonna wish you started now. Get a job and start saving for a car, you have no idea how stressful it is in college to not have a car. Hope you like taking the bus everyday. The only advice I have left to give you is: on May 22, 2011, no matter how tempting it looks, DON'T EAT THE SCHOOL'S WET BURRITO. Just trust me.


If I could be able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there would be so many things I would want to tell myself. For starters I would tell myself to stop taking everything so seriously. That even though everything seems so scary it is not. That if I just relax go out and have some fun everything would be fine. Especially since after you start college it is very difficult to be able to find time to go and have some fun.


College for me is a word which describes the future of students like me. My experience in college is good because each class gave me the opportunity to have knowledge and instruct me for my success. College opened his doors in 2009, since that year in college I received the help from counselors, teachers,students, and people who work there giving me extra help at any moment. The help I earn at El Camino College always give me a shove to continue my education. In College, I experienced emotions of happiness and sadness , as happiness finding new friends and good grades in my classes. As sadness is when I did not pass a class although the rest of my classes were very good, but this event gave me value to continue with my education and to understand that college is the way to succeed, moreover to do not stop my education. While I am attending college, I will experience different things which for me are going to be an impact in my life because I know that each class will help me to reach my goal of to be pround of myself with my achievements.


If I could go back and give myself advice, it would have to be about friendships. I would tell myself to have fun, and to hold your friends close. Enjoy your last summer together, and when you do have to part, realize that everyone must go their own way. You have to let those you love do what they think is right, no matter how far it takes them away from you. I would want myself to remember that my true friends will stay in touch under any circumstance. You will have to work hard, but always find time for fun. (It will help you do well in the long run, believe me!) Tell everyone you love how much you care about them, and give Grandpa a big hug for me. I would want to tell myself that everything will all work out as long as you do the best you can. You can't do any better then that!!


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a highschool senior, I'd tell myself to take my AP classes a lot more seriously and to force myself to take more college classes. Paying for classes are pretty expensive to take advantage of all the free opportunities.


If given the opportunity to go back to my high school senior year I would motivate myself to take risks. I did not apply to California Universities out of fear of rejections. Being the first generation to even graduate from high school was no excuse for not trying my hardest to go to a university. I regret not coming out of my comfort zone because I think I really would have enjoyed going through the going away process, different atmosphere, and most of all gaining a new sense of independence. Not asking for help was another one of my weak points. It felt embarrassed to have to ask how to do something with a mere 3.0 grade point average. I often compared myself to the other class mates and thought I was no competition to their 4.3 and all ap & honors classes. I now realize how ridiculous it was to limit myself the way I did.


The advice i would give myself as a high school senior, would be to do more research. I wasnt told about my options when i was in high school, so if i could go back in time i would tell myself all the things that i know today about free scholarships and what schools i could get in at the time. I would remind myself to be passionate about psychology because that is what i am interested in today, it would save me alot of time in the long run. I would remind myself that i am smart and that I can do anything I focus on doing and that I need not give up on anything I start doing regardless of my situation, or the things going on around me. I would reinforce the morals that were instilled in me through my single mother, and i would make sure i stayed the right path one hundred percent. I would tell myself that the people i meet throughout my life will help me become the person that i have wanted to be my whole life.


"Young Troy," I'd say, "don't ever become complacent or accept mediocrity. Find some help in searching out and applying for schools and scholarships, then work as though your life depended on it. Realistically, it does." Young Troy would probably just nod and agree, but find an excuse to not do these things. I'd have to tell him again, "Don't slack off in school, and start now to unlock your true potential. I know that you hate headaches, and by working hard now, you can be spared incredible suffering later on. Go get to work, and don't be too proud to ask for help!"


I would first tell myself to stay focused and know that you want to do and what college you want to go to. Get all your paper work done and start looking for scholarships. I would also say as you are in college stay focused and stay determined to get your degree and go for greater because there are a lot of distractions in college and in life. Be on your "A" game and press toward the mark of success you can do it dont let anyone or thing stop you. Acheieve all that your heart desires and and then go for greater. Be diligent, work harder that way you can relax later.


I would tell myself that college is the real thing, Its not the time to slack off and get behind, because nobody is going to be there to hold your hand unlike high school when your teachers help you pick out your classes. I would also tell myself that I need to be focused and have a good mind set on what I want and need to do. The last thing that I would tell myself is to have faith that you can do it don't always assume that people are going to be there all the time to help you out, its like your on your own, but you still have some support. Get it together and make sure that you are doing the best possible things for yourself.


The first thing I would tell myself is to stay surrounded by goal-oriented individuals who can help you stay focused. More than half of what you learn in college is taught to you outside of the classroom. It is so different from high school, where more than half of what you learn is taught inside of the classroom by the teacher. You need to really train yourself to open those books whenever possible and study study study! The glamourous college life you see in the movies, leave all of that on the Television screen. This is real life not one of National lampoon's famous movies. Remember that you are now considered an adult, the moment you have been waiting for all your life, so be prepared to be treated like an adult. It is your responsibility to get to class on time , get your assignments turned in on time, and give yourself enough time to study for your exams. No, Mommy can not write you a note or talk to the teacher to get you out of anything you are not prepared to deal with so get ready. DO NOT FORGET YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


When being a senior, one thinks that college is a new beggining. Which is true, but what one does not realize is that high school has a big influence on how college will turn out. There are things that in high school could have been done to have a better college experience. For example, it is highly important to develop study and writing skills. These type of skills are needed in college more than ever. The topics that are reviewed in the 12th grade will be thought again in college, so paying attention that last year of high school will benefit you in the longrun. Yes, many want to sit back and relax their senior year but in reality it is perhaps the most important year of high school. The habits and knowledge you gain that entire year, you will carry on to your college experience.


Heather, you must try to understand how important it is to prepare yourself for what is coming next. You may be unsure about the path you are going to take. Reguardless of which way you go, you must be willing to have an open mind and be accepting of others. I can not stress to you how important it is to remain focused and try your hardest in all that you do. Never give up. As hard as it may seem at times, it will pass. Enjoy the good times and never let the bad times bring you down, just know that you will learn from them.


Ignore the losers and burnouts around you. Stick with the kids that have goals. Meet more people and expand your circle of friends. Don't worry if you don't fit into what is cool none of that will matter. Stand up for yourself and make your voice herd in class. Be a leader not a follower. School is fun when you have the ability to choose your own curriculum, you will want to study and do well. Join the campus clubs and get involved. Keep an open mind when dealing with the students around you; you don?t know everyone?s story. Take early classes, you get better parking. And pack a lunch, it's cheaper and healthier.


Finish High School with straight A's. Apply yourself to do your best. Go straight to college without taking a break, otherwise it will take you YEARS to finish.


I would tell my high school senior self : "Do not worry about your future and please continue with your education. I know that highschool has been rough and it seems like you'll get nothing out of school, but the real world is different. College is the way school is SUPPOSED to be with interesting topics and the teachers have actually spent much time studying what they are teaching. You will find subjects that you didn't even know existed and meet people and professors that you'll be able to have incredible conversations with about things you're interested in. You will be given the chance to show and develop your intelligence and you'll be excited to go to class again. With time, you will soon be able to find what you want to do with your life and have goals you can work towards. The things you study in class will interest you so much that you will continue reading about them after the classes are over and the information will broaden your world and bring you peace of mind. I hope you're excited to start college because it will be an amazing experience for you."


If I could go back to my life in high school knowing what I know now, I would have a lot to say. I would start by telling myself that I want to be a nursing major rather than a business major. I would also let myself know that there is nothing wrong with going to community college before transfering to a bigger school. El Camino is great place to find yourself and figure everything out and while finding classes and parking may be a huge pain at times, I would reassure myself that it is all going to be worth it in the end.


if i can go back and talk to myself as a high school senior i would say never give up now, try your best to achieve your goals, don't let people say to you that you'll never make it to a UC. Don't put yourself down, don't fooll around in class, pay attention, go to class everyday, don't let the problems of your family come through your studies. Let that behind and keep your head up high and say you will be a successful person and achieve your dream of becoming a doctor. As well don't let the financial problems cause you your dreams of attending college.


If I had the golden oppurtinuty to go back in time, as a high school senior, the advice i would give to myself is attitude towards my education. The academic differences between high school and college is probably the most critical changes that requires adjustment for a successful college first year experience. Classes in high school experience long hours and the attendance is mandatory. In college, no one is checking your attendance or even cares if you show up. All the responsibility falls on the students to get to class, take notes and ask questions. Failing one test in high school typically didn?t have too much of an affect on the overall grade. However this is not the case in college. Most tests and essays are worth a large percentage of the overall grade, making good exam preparation, class attendance and college study habits essential for success. It is very beneficial to make use of the professors office hours and teaching assistants. Teachers in high school take more of active role in students? lives, checking homework, reminding of deadlines and providing one-on-one help after class. College professors expect students to take charge of their academics.


Don't let temptation of campus parties hinder you from studying. Your grades is your top priority. Enjoy college life and strive to be the best you can be. Discipline is the key to achieving all that you set out to do. Look at the end results of the big picture. Graduation at the top of your class and the offers of employment that will be awaiting you.


If I could go back in time and speak to the person I was as a high school senior I would tell myself that the struggle is well worth it, therefore, to take advantage of it. Transferring to a brand new charter school from an overcrowded public high school was a huge and difficult transition for me. I wasn't used to the teacher's paying attention to me, as well as actually grading our work, and it being a brand new charter school, I wasn't used to constant changes with grading, rules and uniform. I hated everyday of school, but now that I am in college, I appreciate every last bit of each stuggle I encountered. I see a difference in work quality and tolerance to large amounts of work between myself and students who attended a public school and there is such positive yet overwhelming differences. Today, I cannot complain about the challenges I faced because like the old saying goes, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and I truely believe that. I just wish I could go back and tell myself that from the start so I could appreciate it all that much more.


If i could go back in time and put myself back into my senior year when I already have experience college, I would tell myself to be positive and never give up on my goals because they will come true. Most of all, if i knew i wasn't going to have enough money to support my education, I would apply for a lot of scholarships and grants so there was no worry about struggling to get some even in a bad economy like this. Most because I don't qualified for finacial aid. So i would tell myself to get ready for college because it something I want to do after high school and be finacially good knowing that I was going to be away from home. Also, to have faith in the lord and that there always someone to talk to when you need help. Never doubt myself and keep working hard because it will get better. Tell myself to challenge anything that comes in my way because it will help me later on with life and most of all, work hard in college because it will pay off later on in life!


You will never learn how to swim if you just linger by the side of the pool. Plunge into college even if at first it seems you have to flail madly to stay afloat. There will be times when you will be submerged in work, when assignment after assignment will drag you to the very bottom of everything. Just focus on your next breath and you will survive it. In time, you will become stronger and you will wade above where you once struggled. If you stay in the water long enough, you will adapt to greater and greater challenges. Before you know it, you will be doing backstroke, sidestroke, freestyle, and butterflies back and forth across the pool. Just before you feel wholly comfortable in this environment, you will graduate. The swimming lesson will not end there. The pool of college is just a warmup. After graduation you will merely continue the same education... in the ocean.


Time really goes by quickly. As a high school senior what was I thinking? What was going through my head? I was a teacher in the making. I love children, everyone always said you ought to be a teacher, open your own daycare center. This was not in my heart. What I would tell myself would be follow your heart and soul. You are intelligent but you need the motivation of someone who will move you in the right direction. You are a great speaker and thinker. You should change your direction in life and got to a university.


The Do's and Don'ts of College: Don't have so many expectations for college. Do live & experience every moment-because it's the unexpected that you cherish most. Dont' make excuses that you can't(won't) try something-you'll regret it. Do push yourself to move beyond your comfort zone-even if it's one baby step at a time. Dont' be afraid to make mistakes, its part of the growing up process Do remember to be yourself-no matter how tempting it is to become the person everyone else wants you to be. Don't think that the transition will be quick and smooth, its a bumpy ride full of potholes and gum that gets stuck to your shoe (trying to keep you down) Do bring roller blades(it will help you roll over tough patches), peanut butter(gum remover and great for late night munchies), and a compass(college campuses & life are confusing). Don't put so much pressure on yourself, the weight will have you looking like a hunchback Do remember who your real friends are-the ones who call,write,&hold your hair as you throwup


Don't be lazy, most important thing to anybody in any area of study.


I would tell myself three things: First I'd say that I should go to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, but take the summer semester off and go to El Camino for sign language. That way I'd be able to balance both professions somewhat equally. Because now I realized that I could of taken classes this past summer and would have had more classes completed. Second I'd tell myself apply for more jobs before the recession gets worse. In the summer I applied to one or two jobs at a time and by the end of July, I realized it was really hard to even find a place hiring. I've been looking for a job for eight months now, but I'm not going to give up. I just wish I would of known it would be this hard. Last but not least, I'd tell myself not to give up on anything no matter what because I'll get through it all okay. Whether it's because of school, finding a job, or financial problems, it'll all end up just fine.


If I were able to go back into time and meet the person I was as a senior in highschool I would be thrilled. The first thing I would tell myself is to take every opportunity that is presented. In college there is so much to grow from. The opportunities are endless and will benefit you in the future. As a highschool senior I did not know much about what college would be like, with the exception that it is intimidating. So, I would also tell my younger self not to be afraid. Involving oneself in the many opportunities takes courage. So make friends, join clubs, and be as involved as possible because you never know what can come your way. Education and every opportunity that comes with it can only benefit you in the future.


I would tell myself to just follow my heart and try my hardest no matter what.


If I were able to change my perspective as a senior in high school, I would have taken more advantage of the oppritunities provided to me. I would have maximized my educational experience, rather than focusing more on social activtes. I would have also saved money from my part time job. It would have helped me alot to have saved money rather than spending every paycheck that I earned. I would have also taken more advantage of the clubs and extracurricular activities my school offered.