El Camino Community College District Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how unyeilding some of the teachers could be. I think that would have better prepaired me for the world of college. To some teachers, you are only a mark on a page; in High School most teachers care about your goals and help you to attain them. I am sad to say that some professors take pride in breaking you down and working you harder then you thought possible. A heads up on the workload would have also been a good thing. I would tell myself not to give up, not matter what happens.


Before I had come to El Camino I wish that I had better prepared myself for a higher education. I have been able to do well in my studies at El Camino yet, it has proven to be quite a struggle because of my lack of preparation before arriving here. I also believe that I would have been more prepared if I had done more volunteer work and work with the community.


researched school before applying


Well there wasn't much for me to know, I am only at El Camino for Sign Language Classes. My 4-year school is the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, an acting school in Hollywood. Because tuition is $33,000 and I didn't have the money for my second year, I decided to start on becoming an interpreter. But coming to El Camino is wonderful, I love the teacher and the diversity in my class. People range from ages 16 to the 50's! It is a very different outlook on school.