El Centro College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are, for the most part exciting, fun to hang around, and very helpful with everything you can imagine such as homework, labs, and extra projects that our professors assign us, not excluding tasks outside of school like personal issues and work related areas because they are people with a wide variety of different variable experiences that can shed some light on your life.


Smart, outgoing, easy to get alone with, very helpful toward one another,will help you on different assignments , just looks out for one another.


Acctually i dont attend to ''El Centro College''. I attend to The Art Institute of Dallas. But the survey does not have ''The Art Istitute of Dallas'' as an option to go to school so i just picked ''El Centro College''. My classmates at The Art Institute of Dallas are really enthusiastic and weird people. I like them, you'll find any kind of person here, because is a creative university and there's all kinds of crazy ideas in here.


I can't say, Im about to start my first day of college this Monday.


My classmates are driven and want a good education.