El Centro College Top Questions

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My school offers the unique opportunity to work with highly qualified faculty and continue to hold a full time job. I had no desire to take online courses, because I recognize the benefit of being inside the classroom with direct access to your instructors. I am highly capable of learning on my own, but there is something special about learning with your instructor and collaborating with other students in the classroom to meet course goals. My first semester at El Centro has been incredibly rewarding, and I am happy to continue on this journey toward my future.


Elcentro is unique in its ability to have become one of the well known and respected health occopational schools in the dallas region. After performing some research with regional health providers I discovered that El Centro College was the leading school in this area that companies perfered to hire their employees from. El Centro College staff is "second to none" is what I have been told by others who hire their students. The scond thing is that the El Centro College staff cares about the product (student) the it offers to the community.


To be honest, El Centro has a great staff. They are always right there to help you with any questions that you have and they are extremely polite. I attend two other community colleges and even though this one is in Downton Dallas, you would not believe how genuine the faculty and students are.


Being in the middle of downtown Dallas provides a unique atmosphere for learning. I have attended other community colleges, and I find that El Centro affords its students with a very professional learning environment. Also, being in the heart of the city, the diversity is incredible.


I love the fact that El Centro College is in the heart of downtown Dallas. I have never seen an university or college in the heart of downtown in any city.