Elgin Community College Top Questions

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I only chose to attend this school because it is the community college in my area. I graduated early from high school in December 2014. Now I am attending community college in the spring and summer of 2015 in the hopes of completing 2 years of my bachelors degree before attending a four year university.


Even among other community colleges, Elgin Community College's tuition is low and very affordable for many students. Also, the school is attempting to become a four-year institution, so there are a lot of new building and amenities that are being introduced. Additionally, there is a lot of construction going on, which can be cool ot observe but sometimes very frustrating because pathways will be closed off.


A very tight-knit campus that feels like a home-away-from-home, ECC has lounges for students and regularly holds activities and events to help cut back on stress from classes and everyday life. It was also easy to access from my own house, a short drive away.


In a lot of situations my fellow students are working as well while going to school. I hear a lot from my friends that went off to a state university or a private college, that kids just don't care. And since that I go to a school with people that work as well, they're more motivated to get the job done; which in turn motivate me more as a student.


Community college is more flexible, closer to home, and a widespread environment that offers that same things that universities have. My school is fairly close and I like how they help out in any way they can whenever you may need help whether that is tutoring, counseling, financial aid, etc.