Elizabethtown College Top Questions

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I didn't really consider any other schools. Elizabthtown is the only college I applied for because they had everything that I wanted in a school and I knew I would be accepted.


Everyone here loves the days when it smells like chocolate when you take your first few steps outside of the dorm. We live close to Hershey and the chocolate factory and can smell the chocolate from here. We consider those days to be the best days.


Elizabethtown is unique because it is a small school in a small town and yet has a huge impact on your life. The second you step on campus, you feel like it's your home and it takes every step possible to fullly accomodate its students. It has a great educational system, but it also provides numerous outlets to become very socially involved to help balance out the workload. While it is expensive, in my perspective, the four years of memories it will provide are well worth it.


its not as many kids as a state college the classes are smaller.. the meals are prepared better and there is more to offer the major i chose has its own department or wing and is amazing. and for sports the i play basketball the support is overwhelming whether it be the students or the community or family coming to cheer you on


Small-community feel


The atmosphere is so friendly, and not arrogant in the least. You can walk by almost anyone and get a smile or a kind word, even if you've never been there before. I feel very at home.


The level of security- all students feel safe to walk alone at night and leave their belonging around campus. They know no one will do anything to them or their belongings.


The people are really welcoming and friendly. They all seemed to be really into the school and enjoyed being here.


Small town and community atosphere


It's very friendly, and very focused on community service.


Smal class sizes make the professors very accessable and attentive to your needs


My school is extremely small, only 1900 people, which less than half of the population of the other schools I considered.

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