Elizabethtown College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


An outgoing student who is looking for personal attention from professors would thrive at this school. Furthermore, a good candidate would be someone who is looking for a place where they will maintain their academics and a stable social life through strong athletics and a variety of clubs, intramurals, and other activities. Because of this, the type of person with multiple interests in mind would love this school. Overall, the type of person that should attend this school should be willing to stand out when necessary and be focused to maintain the reputation of the school.


Friendly, nice/kind, hard-working, respectful, responsible


Small Town loving, friendly, upper middle class, athletes make up most of the student body. (preppy)


Someone who is driven to succeed and wants to focus on getting a good degree with a good name behind it, someone who wants a good career in their future.


anyone that wants a good education


A person who attends Elizabethtown College should be family oriented, moral, and have a desire to succeed.


A focused, down to earth person who is serious about there future and not about being a party animal.

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