Elizabethtown College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who thrives in larger settings>


Someone who wants a big school with lots of people.


I would say that a person who loves being in the city should most definitely not attend Elizabethtown College. The amount of students that attend here is not many compared to a larger school such as the University of Pittsburgh. Everyone here either knows everyone else or at least has heard of them, so if you want to meet a more variety of people, I would recommend not attending as well.


Someone who wants a big public university, fraternities and sororities and a football team shouldnt attend Etown


You should not attend Etown if you don't really have a lot of ambition to do great things in life and are not excited and optimistic about learning new things and engaging in new experiences. You have to have an oped mind and be prepared to have your beliefs tested.


Someone who likes big city living, large campuses, large classes, and other large city aspects.


Everyone can attend this school. But a person who wants a big school should not come here


Someone who needs constant stimulation and things to do. This school is sorta in the middle of nowhere


The person who would not enjoy Elizabethtown College is one who enjoys metropolitan areas as well as a large campus. Elizabethtown College community is small where everyone knows your name.

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