Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Start to take everything more serious in the beginning of the school year. I could apply for more scholarships and just try harder in general for planning everything out. Also, to apply for every job in town at least once a month. I have applied everywhere multiple times, but only once every 2-3 months; I wish I had tried every single month.


Growning up without a family meant I was the only one willing to fight for the things i needed or wanted. I would tell myself to keep fighting beacuse the moment I stop fighting for myself is the moment no one is fighting for me. I would tell myself to dream big and belive in those dreams, because limiting myself to small goals is not only unfair but would also hide so much of who I am and who Im capable of being.


I would have to tell myself, "Just do it!" I look back now and wish I had taken the bull by the horns. I have a daughter in college now and tell her everyday keep going, don't give up when you have a bad grade on a test, don't give up because you have had a bad day. Keep going for your dreams. I wish I could have listened to my parents! I know now how "young and dumb" I really was. I thought I knew I could stay at home and attend the small college, graduate and make a career. I was undecided as to what I really wanted to do. I changed majors, I moved to a big city with a friend, attended a small technical college, got myself a certificate and off in the world I went. I was not satisified until now at the age of 44 when I realized that I should have been more focused. They tried to tell me. Mothers know best as the saying goes and she did and here I am going back to college to be a nurse she tried to tell me to be.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to my senior self, I would tell her to concentrate more on scholarships. My senior year I was accepted to a very good college, and in my excitement, I failed to realize I had no way to pay for that school. If I went back in time I would tell myself to forget about my dream school and concentrate on scholarships for the community college I ended up attending. I thought I would dread settling for community college, but now I'm glad I did. By staying at home and not attending an expensive school, I've been given the chance to save the money I earn at my current job, as opposed to throwing it away on living expenses. I think this would be most important to tell my younger self about college.


I graduated almost 25 years ago from high school and thought I would wait a year or so before going to college. I did not realize it would be 25 years later and the loss of a job that would lead me to college. However, if I were to go back to my high school graduation time, I would definitely talk into enrolling before the end of my senior year. I feel it would have been much easier than waiting so many years. I don't regret my choice of a family and career first, but my career may have been a little more stable with a college degree to have given me a better career choice.


First, I would probably tell my self that a community college is not a bad way to go. It will help you save tons of money at the start of your adult life. Living with your parents is not a bad way to go either. You will get everything paid for except your gas and your tuition and you can get help with that from various things, scholarships, loans, etc. And college life is not for everyone. If you want a small campus and more one on one time with the teachers definitely go to a community college because WKU was definitely not a good place to start off with. You will get homesick and spend too much money for a school that is not right for you. So finally just pick ECTC for now and then see where that leads you. It could alter so much about life.


Take college seriously! Yes, you can have fun, make friends and enjoy life, but the truth of the matter is, your grades will not only effect the rest of your life, but it will accept the next years in college. Your GPA plays a major role in future grants and scholarships to pay for the rest of your education. The rest of your education plays a major role in future employment and that affects your entire way of life. Spend time studying, learning, and enjoying college, and WATCH that GPA! Also, give alot of thought to your major. Dont get an education in a field because it pays more, or is more in demand. Instead pick a major in something you truly enjoy and have passion for, because you may spend the rest of your life doing it. You can work for money, but if you work for love of the job, you will have a happier life.


Since I only got the chance to go to high school for the last sememster of my senior year, I would have done things very differently if I had the chance to go to high school for the whole year. First, I would kept my GPA up at all the time, and make A's, so I will be able to get more KEES money. Second, I would have taken ACT or SAT in the begining of the year, so If I got a lower score, I could have taken the test over and over again untill I get a good score. Third, I would have taken college level classes while in high school so I would have completed most of my basic classes . Fourth, I would have applied for scholarships as many as I could, so I would atleast get one of them. Finally, I would have played more sports, involved in community and club activities which would have really helped when I applied for scholarships.


First of all, I would stress that continuing your education through college is not an option. Instead, it's a necessity. It may seem as if you should be free after high school and not have to take up any additional responsibility, but actually, you will be laying the foundation for the rest of your life. College allows you to pick a career of your choice, something you want to do with the rest of your life. Without college, your career or rather job choices are severely limited and you will definitely not be completely and satisfactorily rewarded for your time and effort. You need to decide right now if you want to pick what you want to do for the rest of your life, which you can by going to college, or if you want to settle for a job you despise where you're just a number to your boss that barely pays you enough to get there everyday. Getting a degree from a college will ensure a sound financial future, a happy, successful, and abundent future. This is probably the first big decision you have had to ever make, and you decide, not mom or dad.


I believe that I would tell myself that it's not as easy as it looks. Its harder than high school and if anything, always be confident in yourself that you can do the assignments, even if they seem impossible to complete. Also, don't get discouraged about affording it. If it is truly what you want to do, then go for it. Don't let others talk you out of what you want to do. If you do, you may regret it in the future. Be prepared for the unthinkable. Anything can happen. What counts is how you react to it.


I would probably tell myself to go to a 4-year school. I like the smallness of a community college, however I do not feel as if I have gained any independence. I still live at home, and I sometimes I wish I didnt.