Elmhurst College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Elmhurst College has a beautiful campus, friendly students, helpful staff, and most importantly class sizes that are small enough to get attention but large enough where you aren't the only one in class.


the best school in the world.


A University that provides smaller classes to encourage more student-teacher relationships as well as academic advisors that are determined to help you success in any way they can.


Elmhurst College is tucked away in the western suburbs of Chicago but is a powerhouse of education and professionalism. I would recommend it to any graduating senior or transfer student.


It may be small, but this school offers a wide range of activities, groups, and organizations to potentially become involved in.


My school is a small, private, liberal arts instituition made up of a tight-knit community of students who excel in the classroom, outside of the classroom (on athletic teams), and on stage (musically and theatrically).


Our school is a small, private school located 30 minutes from Chicago, that allows students and teachers to be on a first name basis.


Elmhurst College is a relatively small school with a diverse and outgoing student body, an amazing academic program, and a great job placement rate after graduation


Elmhurst will give you what you give it so get out there and be involved.


It is very small, kinda like highschool, where everybody knows everybody, so socially not "the college experience" but academically amazing.


Elmhurst College, is a great school that provides students with a fabulous education, many outstanding faculty members who want students to succeed, and many career opportunities for post-college students. 630-268-0002


I love Elmhurst College!