Elmhurst College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are friendly, organized, and want to work in groups.


My classmates were mostly liberal and focused on community


My classmates are unique: To describe all in just one sentence would be an injustice to how unique they all are to their own situation.


My classmates are down-to-earth, intriguing people who each offer something different to this world.


My classmates are educated people. I can trust that in a classroom setting we can have an intelligent converstaion. Most of them have stable family relationships and are caring as well as logical.


My classmates are very career oriented and friendly.


Classmates are friendly, generally outgoing, and accepting.


My classmates are priceless because they will help me with anything I need.


Very friendly, always willing to help or form study groups.


The classmates are fun to work with. the director of our program wants to have a good relationship with the classmates who are in our class and wants to hangout with them so we can get to know eachother more. Everyone is nice to eachother in this prgram. everyone has a good time and we make it fun for the professors. we have a good time also in the downtown elmhurst area on weekends or just for fun or even on break like winter break. everyone here wants to have a good education. we have learned alot.


Smart, engaging, caring people.


Sometimes they're friendly, sometimes they're not.


My classmates can range from being very involved in class discussion and activities, to being unattentive, but I find my classmates to all do well enough to easily pass the classes they are in.


Friendly and well rounded


There is a variety of different kinds of classmates from jokers to "nerds", everyone has something new to bring to the table.


Very nice, smart, and friendly.