Elmhurst College Top Questions

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What I loved about Elmhurst is that the school was small as well as the calls rooms. I also loved that my professors see me evolve from my freshman year to my senior year usually all your major classes are taught by the same professors so you are able to conncect more with them.


Elmhurst was the first school to put LGBTQ status on the application. The school is extremely LGBTQ friendly


Elmhurst College is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and they are very accepting of everyone regardless of who they are or where they come from. In the short time I have been there, I have met many different types of people within the LGBTQ community, ethnic minorities, people belonging to different religious groups, etc.


We have small classes. This means that students and teachers have a bond and actually know each other. You can contact the teachers about anything academic related, and they love to hear about what you are doing outside of Elmhurst and how that has impacted your time there. They are always willing to sit and talk when someone just needs a little extra attention.


Smaller, professors easy to understand


Elmhurst College had a great Speech-Language Pathology program, which connected specifically to my major. We have a rather new clinic, and students get clients during their Junior year. We also have a Music program that worked very well for me, with a great percussion ensemble.


The nice location with downtown Elmhurst in walking distance. I love the small class sizes and the smaller size of the campus.


Elmhurst College is very student oriented. There are organizations and activites that take place around campus to fit with everyone's interests. Also, on campus there are both quiet places to sit and study as well as areas to visit and socialize with other students. It has a great atmosphere for learning and meeting new people. The faculty are easy to talk to and very helpful.


It is a small campus, but has a lot to offer. Elmhurst College has something to offer for every potential student


Small class size,.


Elmhurst was smaller than most of the other colleges and was a private school. One of the most unique aspects at Elmhurst was that my advisor was supportive of my decisions academically and was concerned with my progress in school as well as out of school. Also I was able to study abroad and have the classes count as general education courses, which allowed me to gradute early. Also having smaller class rooms was great, because you get more feedback about how you are progressing in the class, which helped out when it came time to study for exams.


Elmhurst campus brings forth a good vibe.