Elmhurst College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Elmhurst College has a wonderful beautiful campus. The staff members really want to connect to their students. i love the small class sizes. i love the community thay is there.You are able to take a month to study abroad. You can also have intership and externships once you are done out of college.


It takes me about 5-7 minutes to walk to the farthest building on campus as opposed to larger campuses in which some students even take buses to their classes. I love that it's a small school because you have the opportunity to really connect with professors or other faculty because the student to professor ratio is small. This can also come in handy if you ever need a letter of recommendation.


My professors are definitely brag-worthy. I can honestly say that I never loathed going to class because I knew that my professors were always ready to teach me new and interesting things. Aside from that, they made learning difficult subjects relatively easy. I remember feeling a sense of regret in having chosen biology as my major because so many of my new friends would only say "Good luck, you'll need it." However, my science professors were always ready to help me when I didn't understand one of the concepts. My professors were absolutely fantastic!


The environment at Elmhurst College is very chill. Its located in a prime spot too! In between classes there is plenty to do around the school. The class size is supposed to bre pretty small too which means if you need extra attention from a teacher its easier to get than having to deal with a additional 50-60 students per class.


My friends that go to big schools never get the chance to develop personal relationships with their professors. I, on the other hand, have professors that remember my name, and they talk to me outside of class. The teacher-base at Elmhurst College is by far something that I've never experienced before.


The school is great for music, education and nursing. If you want to go to a school with small class sizes and a beautiful campus, you should come to Elmhurst College.


At Elmhurst College, I enjoy everything this school has to offer. When I tell others about my school, I tend to tell them much about how helpful and nice the professors are. In the short amount of time I have attended Elmhurst College, my professors have helped me whenever I had a problem or question and they get to know each student individually. At Elmhurst College, I tend to tell people about how clean the campus is and how much I, as well as the friends I have made here, enjoy being at school.


I brag about how great the people are, how beautiful the campus is, and how strong our Speech Pathology program is.


All the professors know you by name. Class sizes are between 15-20 students. Beautiful quad-like campus with lots of grass.


Good classes, small classes, fun classes. I brag about the football team, because we are awesome. I brag about my friends on campus because they are amazing.


I do brag a lot about my school. The campus is really beautiful and the teachers there are extremely bright.


I tell my friends that I enjoy my school a lot and that it is really easy to make friends and stay active within my school.


I brag most about Elmhurt's education program. After graduation I felt so prepared to enter the real world. They helped make the transitions through the program easily. Getting us out in the field my first year of school is also something that I liked because most schools say they are preparing you but do not and Elmhurst really does.


Small classes and excellent professors who are always availabe to help.


Elmhurst gives you control of your future. It 's easy to get into the classes that you want and to take courses that you want to take. The advisors are very helpful and are tied to the success of their advisees. Elmhurst allowed me to achieve the goals that I set for myself, while also helping me grow as a person from the campus environment and the courses that were required to take. It was not only a great place for college, but also was a great place that helped build a solid foundation for the rest of my life .