Elmhurst College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the courses and teachings of the school. The courses are not as helpful as they could be. The teachings are not helpful either. When in class the teachers don't help as much. When they do help they make the advice confusing to where it really does not help and makes things worse.


The system by which the school determines who can register for classes is annoying and does not do as they say it does. The upperclassmen are supposed to register first and a few students I know that are above my class have registered after me before. Classes fill up quickly because each class is limited to 22 students.


In my four months at Elmhurst College, I would say that the tuition cost of going there is the worst thing about EC. Although I love my classes, the professors, my new friends, and even the cafeteria food, it's always a pain to look at the tuition bill. Sure, the college has given me scholarships to pay off a good chunk of the cost, but, considering my family's financial situation, it's still difficult to make payments on what's left of the bill.


The fact that it isn't bigger, so that more great people can be in a great environment.


The worst thing about this school is diversity considering that I am a foreign and it is kind of hard to fit in with the rest of the sdudents overll a very dissatisfied around this area.


I am in a sorority and I feel as though greek life on campus in general is not the same as larger schools. We only have three sororities and three fraternities. We often have functions and philanthropy events, but the turnout is not comparable to universities. Also, since Elmhurst College is a small private school, I find it hard to meet people if you do not belong to a sport, greek life, or other organizations.


The school doesn't provide students with enough clubs and organizations. It doesn't provide me with enough opportunity to get more involved with my school.


the worst thing i would say is the tuition. due to the increasing amount of students entering the college the tuition has been raised 3 times since i have been attending making it harder each year to continue my education at this school.


In my opinion, the worst thing about Elmhurst College is that, being in a residential area, it is mostly a commuter school. Although I live on campus, many of the students go home after class which leaves campus rather empty and almost ghost like. On weekends campus is usually quite empty as well.


I believe the worst aspect of Elmhurst College is the low amount of students on campus. Even though the most fun part about college is the social realm, i believe that aspect is lacking in this College. If this association would hold more social activities would boost the moral of the school in general.


The worst thing about Elmhurst College is the fact that it is composed of mostley commuter students. Two thirds of the students enrolled commute leaving a small amount of campus life. Many times the weekends can be boring, with very few campus activities going on. Also since many people commute the dining areas on campus have shorter hours on the weekends.


Probably food prices. They are way overpriced.


I think that the worst thing about this school is that the smallness of it makes it harder to branch out and make new friends. It is in the same respect as high school where once you have a group of friends, you are basically sticking with that group for four years.


The thing I consider to be the worst about Elmhurst is the atmosphere provided on weekends and even during week days. Many times the campus is dead and it's hard to find activities that keep you interested and motivated to stay on campus. If I'm attending and paying for a school, I want the feeling of always wanting to be there.


There are several issues that have occurred recently regarding racial/cultural/religious differences that have painted the student population poorly.


The parking sitution. There is always a problem for parking the morning and the afternoon for classes.


we did have a girl who lied about a hate crime. I did not feel safe at the time. But after a wile it was all fixed and i feel safe now.


Parking!!! It's a nightmare and I'm always late to class because of it. Horrible!!!


They decided to kick my sorority off campus last semester because we weren't a national sorority and are considered a liability. After being on campus for nearly 20 years and all of sudden for them to do this out of the blue-really hurt! They are now replacing us and it makes me really sad to see how the administration has such an overruling power compared to the Student Goverment Assoc.