Elmhurst College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The courses offered in the afternoon or weekend hours.


When they say they have pre-professional programs they actually mean they simply have counselors that can meet with you and discuss your future career. They can also arrange for some job shadowing, however it is not actually a program and there are no classes to take to prepare you for your future career. They are very helpful but I thought it would be more of a program.


I wish I knew how to deal with stress better. To know that just because I make a mistake does not mean I am a failure. I wish I would have started to teach myself steps in order to handle stress. Stress is a constant. But the way I deal with it does not have to be. Moreover, I wish I knew that I was not going to be able to figure myself out in one day. A concept I am still trying to master.


If I would have known that i would be more academically challenged than the majority of students at Elmhurst College, I would have prepared more. Prepared as in studied or learned more than what was required in the classrooms. I might have possibly even have went to a different high school.


I wish that I had known the importance of AP credit in high school. I have tested out of a few of my gen-eds due to AP credit. If I had known that if I had taken a few more courses in high school, like psychology or calculus, I would have potentially have enough credit to put myself an entire academic school year ahead. College is so expensive and it would have been worth saving myself a year's worth of tuition.


Before I applied, I wish I had known that the school has limited on campus functions. The only times when they sponsor things such as career and activity fair are during the beginning of the year. While this is good, and forces students to focus more on academics than social gatherings, it can serve as a con. Because planned fun--besides the annual snowball fights!--is scarce, students will find it in the form of alcohol-fueled parties in the vicinity of the school, which can be quickly shut down. It is better to have the fun safely on campus.


I wish i could have known what some of the academic challenges as far as scheduling goes. Trying to juggle athletics with school and social activities is a tough step forward from the high-school level and knowing how to handle this tough challenge would have helped out greatly.


There was nothing I wish I would have known before coming to Elmhurst College.


I wish I had known that the community of older students was small. Also, I wish I had investigated more social and/or school organizations that I could partake in or join for a fuller acedemic experience.


The specific costs.


First of all I think the institution does a great job of educating and having professors that are very knowledgeable in their fields. However, the tuition cost and lack of sufficient financial aid is a burden I did not expect. Since the economy has been suffering the cost of tuition has risen. I am a mother of three, wife, and active duty service member. It is hard to focus on course work when the threatening letters arrive putting my academic standing in jeopardy. I wish I could catch a break to help deal with the monstrous cost of tuition.


That the living arrangements can be kind of tight and uncomfortable for some students.


I wish I known more about the services available at the library when I started attending this college. I did not know that there were room that could be checked out for studying in. Also, it was not until I took a technology class that I learned how to use the library database for papers and other research projects.


Some of the school's individual ways of doin certain things.


How everything had worked: Student activities, campus events, registration system.


I wish I had known how to maintain certain types of financial aid because every semester I seem to need more and more money. I also wish I had known that the textbooks were so expensive and that you don't get much money when you sell them back. I wish I had known better what I was getting myself into academically.


With regard to the theater program, I wish I had known that even a small program can be very competitive. Females greatly outnumber males at auditions, and due to space limitations in our facilities, we are unable to stage large, elaborate productions with a large amount of roles. Hence, our productions usually consist of small casts with no more than 12 members, and it seems that the same people are continually cast in each production.


No one stays around on the weekends.


I wish I knew how difficult it was to minimize my workload. I also wish that I knew that the staff and faculty of Elmhurst College wasn't very interested in helping me with my financial struggles. They don't give me many options with my current situation and this has been going on for the past two and a half years.