Elmira College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most students at EC are beyond weird and although there's are more girls than guys, most of the girls never interact with anyone outside of there circles.


My classmates are hardworkers and have come to Elmira to learn.


It is a very hard task to be able to describe my classmates in one sentences, that is because there is a large mix of different people at my school, they range from atheletes, science buffs, art majors, but all of these people are very serious about their education and give one hundred percent every day.


The student body is pretty open to everyone. It's a small private school, so there is usually a certain type of student that goes there. But honestly, I was never a witness to any racism, sexism, etc.


There have been several racist acts that have occurred over just the last year. Every student that wants to attend an actual college, instead of partying away their money for an education that will get them nowhere, will feel out of place.


My classmates are very considerable and nice.


The most amazing people I have ever met in my life; they are always there for you no matter what and are so supportive of everyone whether it is your best friend or someone you didn't even know.


Everybody knows your name, the true person that you really are, and they accept you for it.


Very energetic, fun loving, and hard working for the most part.


My classmates are unique, interesting, talented people.


Most of my classmates are extremely easygoing with one another, and are usually not too quick to judgment when it comes to change and things/people that are different.


There are three types of classmates at Elmira. There are those who do not care and are at school for the social life and to party (a majority of the students at Elmira). The second type are those who try hard and must put in a lot of effort to succeed. The third type of classmate are those who are extremely competitive and are constantly worried about grades and maintaining a certain GPA.


Some of them tend to have a feeling of entitlement due to their socio-economic backgrounds, but once real academic work sets in, most seem to straighten up. A lot of them drink, and often, but if you don't want to drink then you can usually find people to hang out with who don't. Most of them are friendly and feel a strong bond with the friends they've made at the college.

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