Elmira College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their extraordinary campus, the beauty is truly amazing and it surpasses any other school that I have ever visited.


Elmira College is best known as a liberal arts college but it offers nursing programs, premed, pre law, English and many more.


This school is best known for its love of tradition. We have a connection to Mark Twain, since this is the area where he summered, and the school definitely celebrates that connection. His study where he wrote his famous works is located on campus, and there is also a special program directed mainly for Mark Twain Studies. The school is also the first woman's college in the United States, and that tradition is celebrated as well, especially through our choice of colors which are purple and gold, the colors of the feminist movement.


Our school is best known for its colors, Purple and Gold; it is also known for Mark Twain.


EC is considered the first women's college in the US.


Our school is probably most well known for for its Encore program and required freshman writing courses. Encore is a program freshman and sophomores must take to become more culturally diverse by watching performances from all cultures. The freshman writing course is a writing intensive course all freshman students must take, and all students are required to do a 20 page research paper. One last thing this campus is most well known for is the art professor Marc Dennis. He is very well respected in the art world and is extremely talented.


Purple!! Its everywhere!


Elmira College is best known for hockey as far as sports go and nursing and education for academics


Elmira is known for its education and nursing program, its small community feeling, and its beautiful campus.


Elmira College is best known for it's school spirit and traditions. There is purple and gold (the school colors) everywhere! We sing many college songs and there is always some sort of dinner or event going on. My favorite is holiday weekend in which we have a banquet where the professors serve us a turkey dinner. Then the next night, there is a holiday ball and everyone gets dressed up like prom. People are really friendly and the campus is clean. I met the best friends that I could ever hope for here.

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