Elmira College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My campus is just beautiful and the surrounding areas have alot of hills and hiking. My school has alot of extra curricular activities and I am able to still participate in a dance group and have leaned tap dancing also! Our class sizes are 10-15 and my professors and I definitely have a good working relationship; they know who I am and are very willing to assist outside of class time. I feel like I made the best choice for me when I picked this school!


Elmira College has great academic courses and a community service which enables each student to give back to the community and have a more well-rounded individual with dedication and drive. They also have a wide variety of clubs on campus and the campus is very small which gives it a community and family-like feel.You feel right at home, here; it is truly a home away from home.


The Food is actually pretty good compared to other cafeteria food and there's more varieties. We certantly don't go hungry here in Elmira College, there's the normal dining hall but there's also Mackenzies which has the normal fast food like burgers and pizza. There's also the 1855 room which is like a cafe and you can have Starbucks coffe and food as well.


I love Elmira College. One is that the people that I have met and become friends with are wonderful. I have met people from all over who also chose Elmira for its academics and family oriented campus. The classes are great. If you have questions in your class your professors are always available. Every night in the freshman dorms they have upper classmen who are available to help with subjects that they have taken. Elmira also requires community service, which is a wonderful way for us to help us learn about how to live and be part of a community.


I brag about how community oriented my school is. I also brag about the food, how much the faculty pays attention to us, and how beautiful my campus is.


Walking distance to classes, the food quality, and certain opportunities that the college gives me that most colleges do not allow such as doing an internship as a freshmen.


That the professors are realy caring and that you do get one on one educational attention from them, the campus atmosphere, the third term trips abroad, and the purple and gold, The encore program.

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