Elmira College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Elmira College is the lack of time that seems to exist. I spend my days attending class, studying, working, and socializing, but I want to do more. I want to participate in more clubs and activities or complete more work hours, but campus time simply moves at a faster pace. A science fictional scenario surrounds the city of Elmira; preventing students from taking all the time they require each day.


Probably the worst thing that I consider about my school is that students are not encouraged to leave campus. In addition to this, it is required that students must live on campus all four years of school. I feel as if students should have the option to live off campus. Not only do I feel like they should not have to live in dorms all four years, I also think that they should be encouraged to venture into the downtown area. This area is filled with several small businesses and beautiful places that many students do not even know about.


I find the Saturday freshman writing classes at 8am to be one of the biggest turn-offs in choosing Elmira College. The course is rigorous and an excellent class to teach discipline and writing style, the only thing I would not recrommend is the 8o'clock meetings on Saturday mornings. Students need sleep and able to have time for the weekend to start in order to complete the loads of homework given throughout the week.


The worst thing about my school is that people drink too much on the weekends. I feel like they do not realize the dangers of it and don't take it seriously when accidents happen or injuries occur. The school tries to keep control of it, and make sure students caught drinking accesively and cause problems from it are punished but i don't feel like it is effective. I feel like students are in danger. Though it is not an uncommon problem at any college.


The faculty here is really not on the students' side, they are always out to punish students and kind of mold the student body to weed out student who don't fit their ideal.


Freshman year work load.


It is too small. Much smaller then my high school!


Some of the required coarses. For example encore and two culture classes. These tend interfer with the amount of time you can spend on your major, especailly if you are playing a varsity sport.


It is quite expensive to go here...but the school is pretty good about giving out fiancial aid to those students to do attend.


The Freshman Writing Program. For the first two terms of your freshmen year you have to take Freshmen Writing, whether you passed the AP English exam or not. You have to read numerous amounts of books and type, what seems like, tons of thousands of papers. For the first term they even make you have Saturday morning class. I'm talking 20 page papers!


Not enough activities for those students that do not drink and do not play sports.


I think the ratio of men to women is absolutely terrible. Our campus is 70% women and 30% men. It is not very mixed or diverse and it is obviously very one-sided in the gender category. It would be better if there was a greater diversity.

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