Elmira College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Elmira is a great small liberal arts college. It's an absolutely beautiful campus with small classes. The biggest drawback of the college is the lack of a "collegetown". However, there are some great towns/cities surrounding Elmira that really aren't far away. I met some of my best friends at EC. The adminstration is another part of EC that needs some improvement. Dr. Meier did a fanstastic job fixing the college when it was in shambles. But it's time for him to retire! Hopefully that will happen soon!!!


I am a sophomore at Elmira College. I am a double major and have the Presidential Scholarship, or roughly half of my tuition paid. If you were to come here for more than a week while the campus is not gilded for potential freshmen, you would find that the list of negatives versus positives is many times longer. Yes, the campus is small, so you know everyone and your teachers know your name. Yes, the campus is quite pretty, so laying outside during the spring is wonderful. But, the cost, both in value and actual money, is too high. EC has an incredibly backwards administration. It reminds you of a 1950s campus, fake smiles and fake laughter everywhere. I could write of a dozen different things trying to explain to you just how pitiful this school is, but it really requires experiencing it. Once there are no parents and the freshmen have finished orientation, the school becomes something different altogether. If you want a small school, just look somewhere else. Several years of your life wasted is not worth a mere scholarship. I am leaving next year, and then I can finally have a college experience.

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