Elmira College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating fact about Elmira College are the required programs they have. They have a mandatory class that all freshmen must take which is about learning to except other cultures, but the teachers don't even teach based on that. And then they require students to attend performances that don't even peek the interest of the audience, most of the audience falls asleep halfway through the performance due to the dull content of the performance.


Elmira College is very self-absorbed and not open to different view points. It does not take the concerns of the students as seriously as it should nor does it act in a timely fasion.


As an art major the size of the school limits the range of classes that we offer. Although all the classes that are offered are GREAT!


I would have to say that one of the most frustrating things the first semester was a writing class that was required on Saturday morning. It was difficult making myself get up to attend the class after a busy week of classes. I did learn about writing better, but I didn?t like getting up early for it. It also made it difficult if you wanted to take a quick weekend trip home to visit family, but that could be why they had it then so you were forced to stay on campus to avoid homesickness that many freshman acquire.


the surrounding city of Elmira


The scholarships received when one is an incoming freshmen get renewed at the same level aeach year as they were during the first year, making one pay at least three grand more per year just because of increasing tuition and related expenses.


The obsessiveness with tradition and purple and gold. It is just a little too much to the point where it seems almost like a cult.

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