Elmira College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew about the disgusting smell from the cat dissections. The whole entire science building smells like the chemicals used in the dissection of the cats. And the smell gets into your clothes and it sticks around for months at a time, even after a thorough cleaning.


Before coming to this school, I wish I had known that I would enjoy it here. I remember be so worried about coming to this college because I thought it was too small and I would not like being here. If I would have known how friendly the people were and how easy it is to fit in here, it would have saved me much worries.


I wish I had some more hands-on experience with what the job I was going to school for really entails. I had read descriptions, but they were misleading. Now that I know a little more, I can refocus my attention and my efforts to allow me the career that will make me happy.


I wish I had known that the tuition would increase a great deal each year.


There are not a lot of clubs and stuff around to do off campus. Although there are no sororities of fraternities the life is based around the hockey team and the cheerleaders.


I wish I knew more about the surrounding town and what there was to do on the weekends.


the awful male to female ratios and how much that affects student life, especially for straight females; also the surrounding town


I really wish I had known how small the school really is and what the area the around the school was really like, things to do in town.


That the school is not a 100% free dry campus as they advertised during the tours and that it is a realy big problem on our campus. It would also have been nice to know that thier food is not as good as the catered meals they present to you and tell you about.


That the town is a bit more boring than I thought. But usually there is enough to do on campus or in the surrounding cities. So it's not that big of a deal.


The Building and Grounds people do not really come in on the weekends in the winter to take care of the snow. However, there's enough foot traffic throughout the campus that if you're wearing a good pair of boots it does not really matter. The paths get kind of flooded, so it is important to wear winter shoes when walking to class. Despite the problems with flooding, the campus is beautiful, all year round.

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