Elon University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Beautiful campus, amazing people.


Elon is beautiful


the campus looks beautiful. Everything truly seems perfect looking in from the outside. But do not let it deceive you, find out what Elon is truly like because it isn't all about the looks of the campus and facilities. The people make a school, and the people here make this such an awful environment


People are usually highly impressed when they visit Elon. The academics are incredible and the programs offered are unlimited. The campus was ranked the #1 most beautiful campus and usually wins students over when they come to visit. http://www.thebestcolleges.org/most-beautiful-campuses/


Elon University is a perfectly challenging institution with a beautiful campus, warming staff, and friendly students that makes this institution the best fit for me and will allow me to become the most successful man i can be after I graduate.


Full of very rich, upper class Northern white kids, but with a wonderful academic program and very supportive and knowledgable teachers


Elon University is a challenging and engaging learning environment where students learn from experts in their fields, live on one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, and make friends for life who push and support one another through anything and everything.


Elon University is the perfect place for a student to grow as an individual because it inspires long-lasting relationships (professional, intimate, and social), and it motivates a student to dive into academia and extracurriculars. These three aspects of education teach a student the curriculum but a student learns more about him- or herself.


I would describe Elon as a preppy, northern, environmentally-conscious school located in the south.


At Elon, the campus is beautiful and the people are wonderful


a strong school with strong academics, but at the same time a preppy school that knows how to have fun


Elon inspires students to open their minds, try new things, and discover themselves.


Elon is a very competitive school, but it sometimes make you wonder if you are walking around a country club.


Elon University is a small-medium sized school that focuses greatly on helping students that want practical experience, are dedicated volunteers and/or want to be known for going to a rising university.


Elon serves as a venue to provide quality education (both in and out of the classroom) to a body of individuals who posses a genuine passion for seeking knowledge.


A caring and cohesive community.


Academically enriching and socially stimulating, with a magnificient campus.


Devoted to students being engaged in thier learning.


A small and somewhat divided preppy hall of drinking where those that wish to learn can succeed if they don't get bent out of shape by daddy's girls and country club boys.


If you dont care about sports and want to join a greek group than this is the school for you.