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Small ratio of student to teachers, teachers know there students on a first name basis. Beautiful campus


Elon is a wonderful university that gives you endlesss amount of opportunties to excell, however you have to work for them because nothing is given out easily.


Very environmentally-conscious; small classes with a low student-faculty ratio, so students and professers get to know each other well; beautiful campus


I thought Elon had an amazing community feel - from the moment you step on the campus you sense that everyone there has a place they feel they belong, and they are all passionate about it. It feels very connected that way.


Don't waste your money here, or the best times of your youth on such a lame school.


Elon is unique because it is a small university but still has the connections and opportunities that a larger university offers. Students are able to have close, personal relationships with their professors while continually being prepared to succeed in their desired field of work. Elon is unique because it combines the benefits from all different types of schools to create the perfect balance on a college campus.


Everyone is super involved, and people are dressed up even for 8am classes.


Elon is a small liberal arts college with many graduate programs to offer. I intend on going into international law and Elon places a strong emphasis on traveling abroad and has a reputable law program. The other schools I considered were much larger schools with bigger classes and less teacher-student interaction. Elon seemed to be the best school for preparing me for international law because of its rigorous and in-depth international studies program and the numerous options for travelling to other countries.


Every school that I visited had a fair amount of extra-curricular activities to get involved with, however I feel like Elon tops that list. There is a huge variety of things to get involved with from club sports, leadership programs, volunteer organzations, greek life, student production clubs, and more. Also, not only are these extra-curriculars offered, but most students are involved in at least 2-3 of these.


For a medium sized school, it has a small school feel.


The students are engaged with the community and campus. The professors are caring and helpful. The facilities are incredible. Financial aid is weak. The community provides a terrific living experience.


It draws you in easily, but unfulfilled promises tend to linger. It is hard to maintain a job where you earn enough money to live off campus and have academic success. Social life is all greek life, little else seems to matter, but there are very liberal viewpoints so abstract thinking is readily accepted.


Elon is unique in its focus on study abroad and experiential learning.


It is a gorgeous campus that offers so many experiences.


Elon provides an interesting mix of people from throughout the united states and abroad. Elon has great emphasis on practical experience, internships and study abroad opportunities. Elon has a fledgling alternative scene that's really starting to flourish and is alot of fun to be part of.


It's size is perfect..not too small and absolutely not too big. You will see the same faces very often but it is big enough where you don't have to if you don't want to. The facilities are very nice and people that work and attend the school are very helpful in letting you take advantage of all they have to offer.


This is a little video that pokes fun at the diversity here at Elon University.


This overview of Elon University was produced by Elon alumni John Sirabella and Melissa Dupre during their senior year


Elon University is unique in its size and beauty. After visiting this campus, I knew I would fit in perfectly at Elon . The smaller class size appealed to me. I did not want to go to a school where I would be one of 200 students in my freshman class, sitting in a lecture hall. The brand new, state of the art, Science building really got my attention, since I would be spending most of my time there. And yes, the campus is beautiful. Even Bill Clinton will tell you that.


It's small and because of that there is a enormous community feel. From the professors to the cafeteria workers, everyone loves Elon and does whatever they can to make sure you get the fullest experience.


I absolutely love Elon University, and am so so glad that I decided to go there. My freshman year was amazing, and I definitely can not wait to go back in the fall. Elon is where I'm meant to be, and I have a lot of pride in my beautiful school


Elon students are liked by some of the local Burlington townies but there are also plenty of locals who love students. Elon is also located between Greensboro, NC and the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area which provides plenty of day and night fun. If you want a great campus, friendly faculty and a relatively low cost education, Elon is the place for you. Plus the weather is great. And when the weather is sunny it's always fun to check out the college girls tanning on lawns all over campus.


It may sound like I am bitter about my expierence at Elon. But really I am not, sometimes being surrounded by students who can't see beyond this weekend irks me. The students may be superficial, but they are the kindest superficial people I have ever met. And again, they're not all like that. There is a handfull of kids that I am so glad I had the opprotunity to know and learn from. Elon recognizes it's a huge party school, but essentially almost any college is a party school. And at least Elon tries to downplay it's students record-breaking drinkning levels by also encouraging students to engage in multiple extra-curriculars, volunteer service and study abroad. All of which Elon has outstanding programs for. If you're looking for an incredibly diverse school with lots of cultural value, Elon's not for you. If you're looking for a school where you can have more drunken fun than you ever imgained, and don't mind trading moral values for a good time, than Elon is the school for you.


just reread everything, it's the honest truth if you're not looking to join a frat, dont go here, you will not make many friends who are cool and besides, most of the frat kids were losers in high school...how do i know? you can tell, talk with them..it's obvious


After stepping onto the campus of Elon, a botanicle garden, you will realize just why it is so great. The atmosphere is so beautiful and relaxing, the people are extremly nice and welcoming, and you always have something to do. I have made my best friends at Elon and have so many memories of Elon. It is one of my favorite places to be. It's all around beautiful.




Two main pieces of advice: 1- DO NOT PICK YOUR ROOMMATE ON FACEBOOK. I did that. It was a mistake. We got along great the first 2 months of school and then after that things went south pretty quickly. She became really withdrawn from our original group of friends, now to the point that I don't talk to her at all if I can help it. Luckily I live in a dorm that is suite-style and my two best friends here live next door and across the hall, so I still love where I live. I can't wait to live on this same floor again next year, but I'll be living with one of my best friends and we will share a suite with two of our other good friends. 2- COLLEGE IS ALL ABOUT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Seriously, if you cannot exercise personal responsibility, than you are not mature enough to be in college. You are responsible for getting your work done, managing your money, getting to class, meeting with professors if you need to, being responsible with partying, etc. College is a LOT of independence, and it's great.... but you just need to be responsible and accountable for your decisions.


Elon is just a great school in general. I love it and I love the people. You genuinely feel at home here and like a part of a family.


Do not come to Elon if you do not have an interest in a school with a strong family/community atmosphere. Do not come to Elon if you do not want a personal relationship with your professor. Do not come to Elon if you are looking for athletics for which the students live and die. Come to Elon if you enjoy being involved in the schools clubs and other activities. Come to Elon if you are okay with drinking on the weekends. Come to Elon if you are generally content with a lack of diversity, because most of the students here are content with it.


Don't come to Elon for the social life.


I could go on and on about Elon, but I don't have a lot of time! I was choosing between University of Florida and Elon - and I am so happy with my choice! I have made lifelong friends here - I have had unbelievable professors - I have heard amazing speakers - I have traveled to 4 different countries -- Long Live Elon!


Definitely look at Elon as one of the colleges in your college search. Even if it nots for you, the campus is beautiful and its worth a visit. I'm sure once your down here you will feel right at home like majority of the students!


There is a remarkable remnant of our even worse days in sport. Every time the Elon Football team gets a first down, the announcer declares "That's an Elon..." to which the students respond "First Down!... Phoenix". I am depressed to see fans so hungry for action so as to celebrate something any half decent team does a couple dozen times per game.


IN general nothing to complain about. People down here are REALLY nice. It has a feel of southern hospitality, but it is not too southern. Lots of really smart engaging people to hang around. Sometimes the student governemnt can do some annoying things and the community participation is not always wonderful...but in general a great place to live and play.


This place is simply amazingly beautiful... it always stays that way.