Elon University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Elon is not medium to small sized school, which is both a blessing and a curse. Seeing the same people on campus every day creates a great sense of community however at times it makes one wish for a wider variety of people. It's a commonly known fact that avoiding someone on Elon's campus is nearly impossible, but again this only forces students to resolve their differences and creates an even closer-knit community. In the end, while seeing the same people over and over again can have its downfalls, the community makes it worthwhile.


The lack of financial aid opportunities. Many are offered to only incoming freshmen, so currently enrolled students are limited.


This happens with many schools, but campus jobs and classes (when registering) fill up fast.


The meal plan options are not conducive for students who want to live alternative eating lifestyles such as vegetarians or vegans. Since all Freshmen and Sophomores living on camput are required to have a meal plan, it seems unfair to those who cannot find the nutrition they need at the dinning halls. Previously, there was a meal plan cash equivilency in place which was beneficial for those choosing other lifestyles, but that has been taken away leaving many students, myself included, upset.


The worst thing about Elon University is that some of the people here, especially the soroities and ferternaties tend to be somewhat elitist.


little diversity


I think the worst thing about my school is they only give scholarships to students who's major directly corresponds to the scholarship they are applying for. I think this is the worst thing because many students who are despirate for scholarship money end up changing their majors, and not doing what they love.


I would have to say that the worst thing about Elon is there is not a whole lot do to off-campus. The town of Elon is the University, therefore you won't find a whole lot going on elsewhere.


Pretty much everybody here is white; there is an extremely low level of diversity. Also, the financial aid the school offers is rather minimal in comparison to its high cost of attendance (tuition, meal plan, room and board, etc.).


the steryotypes of the people and how acurate they are.


The social life because it's all white kids and greek life


Meal plans are too expensive...however, that's more of an issue with Aramark (the company that runs the dining halls) than with Elon.


Elon has a major lack of diversity. They try to play down the obvious drought by publicizing their Multicultural Office, but all it takes is one glance around campus to see what's missing. It wouldn't be so bad if Elon wasn't so eager to embrace diversity. Because of my last name alone, I was called several times during my freshman year from the Multicultural Office to "meet others," as if ethnicity was some secret society.


The overwhelming presence of greek life.


There is a lack of diversity in all areas-- economically, politically, religiously, racially, etc.--everyone that goes here is pretty much the same person.


It's small--everyone knows everyone, or at least knows OF everyone


The worst thing about Elon is the stereotypes that some of the students face. Other schools tend to think of us as the "country club" or campuses when that is just no true. Yes, there is a large popualtion of students that dress well each day, but just because most students chose not to wear sweatpants to class doesn't mean that they aren't down to Earth, funny, or interesting.


I hate the fact that the term "campus security" really means "drinking police."


The worst thing about our school would have to be the staunch liberal agenda being pushed on everyone. I myself don't believe I am grouped as either liberal or republican, but the kids here just seem to be almost brainwashed into thinking that anything liberal is good. They don't even know half of Obama's platforms but yet they're all in a tizzy about this guy because of the propoganda here. I really think a lecture or a presentation on political individualism would do this school a whole hell of a lot of good.


The lack of diversity, because being exposed to people of different cultures over the summer taught me a lot but when I came back to school it was like a wall of white rich people.


There is nothing going around the school. If you dont like the school then you are stuck since the surrounding town is very small and boring. Also this school is dominated by greek life and if you are not a part of it than you have nothing to do. There is also no school spirit and sports suck.


Just like at many colleges and universities, the bathrooms in many (but not all of) the doorm buildings are somewhat small and you wouldn't dare set foot in them without footwear.


At Elon University I believe that there is too much emphasis placed on the greek life system. Statistics for the school state that only about 30% of students are involved in greek life but if you are to walk across the campus on letter day it is hard to find someone who is not involved in a fraternity or sorority. Those not involved in greek life therefore suffer socially, making it harder for them to find friends or become involved in certain activities