Elon University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Very little diversity, many white upper class students who want to simply socialize, spend their parents' money and drink.


Common Elon stereotypes are white, rich, preppy, and all into greek life. I would say these presumptions are fair but obviously don't apply to everyone. In Elon's defense, they are making great efforts to increase diversity and do offer scholarships to assist with affordability. Elon students do dress to impress and you won't see very many people wearing pajama pants to class. I am not a member of Greek life at Elon. I remember reading these reviews in high school and being concerned about the presence and popularity of it. Here's my take on it: If you’re interesting in joining a sorority or fraternity, they're there! A lot of my friends are members and have all had wonderful experiences. If you’re looking for sisterhood, brotherhood or another social outlet, Greek life at Elon is a good fit for you. However, if you’re thinking twice about whether this is your scene, already have sisters like me, or just aren’t sure - do not let any comments about the Greek scene at Elon deter you from this school! You’ll figure it out and one great thing about Elon is that you won’t go through recruitment until after Winter Term, giving you a good 5 months to feel it out. You might find, like me that you have enough on your plate or don’t want to put forth the expenses. You will definitely find groups to be a part of that are a good fit for you. However, it can’t hurt to go through recruitment and see if you find a group of girls or guys you just can’t imagine your Elon experience without. However, if it doesn’t really interest you – No worries. You will still find a group of girls or guys you can’t imagine your Elon experience without. I promise!


rich, spoiled, preppy, very white, like a country club


Preppy snobby rich private school kids. Most of the people are here and this is the vibe and feel you get from the school, but ofcourse theres others


The Elon stereotype is that it is like a country club. People say that Elon if full of a bunch of rich preppy white kids who just party all the time. Although, there are some students like this at Elon, I wouldn't say that it's the majority. The majority of the kids who dress insanely preppy are the people who are from the south, but the majority of students are from up north. At Elon, everyone is really accepting and willing to help anyone they can. We do like to party, but we are really serious about our classes and clubs .