Elon University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants to be involved in multpiple student organization on campus, and can balance that with academics and a social life.


Someone who will take advantage of the programs and organizations offered to them, able to balance hard work and social life, as well as someone who is open-minded to accept new people and ideas into their lives should attend this school.


Elon University is best for people who are very extroverted, who don't mind putting themselves out and taking risks to learn about their community and themselves. The students tend to be highly motivated, high achievers, and have lots of energy to try and take advantage of every oppurtunity offered by the school. The student body is not very diverse in terms of ethnicity, socioeconomic class, or background, but people are overwhelmingly friendly and cooperative, and there realy is a group for anyone and everyone.


Elon can feel like a country club, so either someone who is comfortable with that or who is able to seek out the 15% that aren't country club. People who like to get involved with various organizations will do well at Elon.


The best student for this school is one who may or may not have had their best academic period in high school, but in any case, are ready to start with a clean slate and prove, in college, how dedicated they are to their education and the changes they can make in the world with it. This does not mean that Elon attracts mainly low-performing students, but rather is an extremely welcoming facility to those who want to be extraordinarily passionate about whatever it is they major in.


The type of person who attends Elon is goal oriented and expects to be put to the test academically. Being accepted into Elon isn't an easy task, so when a student does get accepted, they know that the standard of learning is put extremely high, but they don't mind being put to the test. Another aspect that's common in the typical Elon student is being goal-oriented. With all the opportunities that are at Elon, there's no reason why all students that graduate shouldn't have job options or greater.


Someone who wants a good education and is willing to work for it because the courses here are very difficult.


This school has a lot to give to students who are driven and know what they want to do when they grow up. There are lots of things to get involved with on campus, on campus tv shows, student news paper, new student orientation, campus recreation, work study jobs, research with professors and so much more.


A person who attends Elon needs to be hard working and not afraid to meet people. They need to have a sense of responsiblity and not afraid to ask questions. The honor code is held at the highest respect here, and if you break it, you will get punished. An Elon student is willing to put others first-there is alot of volunteering associated with us. Being a leader but not afraid to follow is a definite-we have a leadership requirement to graduate.


Someone who is extremely involved and well-rounded. Elon students are strong academically, but also in terms of leadership and activites around campus.


People who like a small town, and who love to get involved with student organizations. Also those who like to volunteer.


Someone who is fun, preppy, pretty and outgoing. Likes to study and have fun equal amounts. Knows when to be serious and how to be involved in everything he or she wants out of college.


You need to be academically focused and willing to work hard.


Someone who is willing to work hard and is interested in legitimately learning and engaging in class discussions.


a person who wants a small school, with a beautiful brick layout


socialite in easy major


Someone who wants to be successful and is committed to their education. There is a lot of opportunity given to students here, whether it be undergraduate research opportunites or one of our many Fellowship programs, there are so many ways to step outside the norm and do something great. That being said, the social life at Elon is great so for people who want to make great friends and have fun on the weekends, Elon is perfect.


I believe any student attending this university should be open-minded and considerate of Elon's surrounding community. I also believe that they should be prepared to be challenged by all of their professors, as the faculty here makes it their main priority to challenge students and to get them to look at the world in a different light, considering the world is much greater than just our tiny university.


The person must want to learn and have a desire to absorb information. As I like to put it, they must be willing to become a sponge. In and out of the classroom students are always learning and engaging in valuable experiences. The student must be willing to work hard and be independent. Students who enjoy a party will also like attended Elon. We party hard on the weekends, but we work equally hard in the classroom.