Elon University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I do not believe that there is a type of person who would not love Elon. There is something for everyone.


A shy person.


I think that a person has to have a good plan, knows how to save money, and hopefully has a good job waiting for them after high school., because .in this day in age it's hard to get anywhere without a college degree.


The typical Elon student has a hunger for knowledge, a zest for life, and is firm in their beliefs. If a student does not have these core values they will probably not want to attend Elon University.


Someone who likes large, crowded places or the city scene should not attend this school because it has a small student body and is located in a somewhat rural area.


someone who does not like wealthy, preppy, driven people


A big-city person who has to have life going at a fast pace at all times would most likely be bored at Elon, but I have seen seasoned New Yorkers start to enjoy the pace after a little while.


In terms of needing to fit in, Elon is for people who dress according to clothing fads (UGG boots, North Face jackets, Vera Bradley bags, etc). There is a small population of "indie" and "alternative" students - they're here because they don't care about not going with the trends that the masses follow.


Elon is great if you are looking for a school to grow while you are there. The school tends to cater to those who will be able to give back to it after graduation and Greek Life is important. Elon tends to overlook indescretions in favor that you are learning to make smart choises. It is in a nice small-town area, so if you like big cities, do not even apply. Elon cares a lot about money, so get used to it now.


People who think mommy and daddy's money will carry them through.


A person with a negative personality or an unfriendly demeanor would not find friends easily at this school. If you are not interested in being involved or not planning on taking academics even somewhat seriously you will not last very long here.


If you are really conservitive and really poor and cannot work with other people to save your life.


A person who should attend Elon is someone who wants a big school with big classes, an exciting college town and a football stadium that could fit a big city and


A person who is not academically focused or willing to push themselves to succeed. A person who wants to remain anonymous because the school is small enough that people will learn who you are.


A hardcore punk might have trouble, because alternative scene here is indie or pop-punky. However even that person would make friends pretty easy. WSOE, our radio station, is pretty punky though. Overall I don't feel like anyone wouldn't be able to find their home here.


I wouldn't suggest that anyone not attend Elon--I love it!


rich and smart


If you believe you care deeply about the environment, or despise Greek organizations, or witnessing binge drinking disgusts you- stay away. Many folks here are focussing more on the idea of having fun than learning, and the idea of "changing the world" is for other people.