Elon University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Elon tends to be part of a bubble. While there is often a lot going on around campus the surrounding communite has fairly little to offer. Especially since growing up in New England , coming to the South was a big cultural change.


The facilities need to grow with the number of students coming in.


At this time since I am a nontraditional student who is going to be taking classes on line the most frustrating thing is that there is not the personal interaction that I was use to at a traditional school. I have had mostly a good experience with the online registration. My biggest frustration is that there is not a lot of clear discription as to working all of the computer systems in order to get started ealy for the onlien class.


The most frustrating thing about Elon is that there is so much to get involved in! There are so many leadership, service, study abroad, athletic, social and educational opportunities here that it is impossible to everything you want. A typical student here tends to be overinvolved initially because Elon provides us with so many amazing opportunities.


The social life


Trying to find alone time. Most of the students are so upbeat and social that they want to be with you all of the time. So just trying to be polite and excuse yourself to study alone or just have some "me time" can be difficult at times.


The most frustrating thing about Elon University is the overall cost. Though you get a lot for your money, including very up to date computer labs, accessable professors, a beautiful campus, and small class sizes, it can be difficult to pay the 30,000 a year.


The focus on greek life (sororities and fraternities).


THe lack of Diversity


meal plans . rediculous


The cost!!! My parents are paying because they do not qualify for financial aid, which I disagree with. With their annual salary, I should be able to get some type of financial aid. I do have a $3000.00 Presidential Scholarship. Elon is a great university, but I feel the tuition is too steep. In one year they went up 9% in room and board and tuition. I am graduating with a Biology degree. I am getting my degree in 3 years, mainly because of the expense of going to college.