Elon University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Elon is the Performing Arts Department. It's why I'm here. It's a small, close, supportive, encouraging family that takes care of itself. In it, we are sure of each other's safety and comfort, and we make friends that will be there and support us for the rest of our lives. We can be unique and still be loved. We produced incredible work, as well! Really good productions!


Beautiful facilities; professors are very accessible; lots of opportunities to learn both inside and outside of the classroom


Elon works hard to make it's students responsible world citizens, regardless of their major. It's a typical liberal arts college, which is a good thing.


The best thing about Elon would probably be the opportunities for learning and personal growth that are available. The professors are very helpful, and take an interest in students that work hard and are engaged with the class. There are tons of extracurricular things, from research groups to club sports to social activist movements. There are cultural events, where speakers from across the globe come and talk about pertinent issues, and fun things like concerts and games almost every day.


The quality of education


Elon University is a phenomenal institute that prides itself on making globally sound students. Elon truly focuses its attention to the entire student body. Students are given a plethora of opportunities to know the faculty and vice versa. Personally, I am from the northeast and coming down south to Elon has been the best experience that I could ever give myself. As a freshmen, I am given many opportunities that other institutions don't offer to their students until they are upperclassmen; this coming semeser I will be shading an Elementary Special Education instructor. Elon is definitely my perfect fit.


The single best thing about being at Elon University is definitely the support we students get from the faculty. An overwhelming majority of professors care deeply about not only how well their students do academically, but how they are progressing in their development as people. They want to bring out the best in every student, so as to ensure that, when we graduate, we are all going to bring something unique and helpful into the world with our degree.


The school is very concerned anout its students. This school provides a curriculum that prepares students for future situations in the work place or just in general. At this university, students feel comfortable and there is always someone there to help in different areas.


The thing that I see as the best thing about going back to school is that it is online. I can balance work, school and family. I will be able to go to class at my convience and not have to take as much time away from my family. I do like the idea that if I want to go to class early in the morning then I can. I like the fact that to this point I have been able to get almost all of my questions answered when I call or they send an email with the directions.


The general atmosphere creates a positive learning experience. The campus is beautiful and well-maintained and the facilities are far superior to many similar universities. The warm autumns and springs bring students outside all the time. The surrounding town is great, but the majority of the social scene happens right on campus, which creates a great community feeling.


The best thing about Elon is even though you feel like you know everyone, you still meet someone new all the time. Also theres so many amazing oppurtunities its hard to take advantage of all of them espescially when our student body parties as hard as we do.


The social life. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.


beautiful, lots of activities, focus on volunteering, traveling abroad, and doing internships, administrators really care about students, friendly atmosphere


I think the people are the best part of my school because everyone is different in some way and its easy to learn from them by their lifestyles.


The social life at Elon is terriffic. Everyone is very kind and welcoming, and goes out of their way to get to know others and make them feel welcome. Whether it be weekend parties, athletic events, or group work in the classroom, there are always opportunities to get to know poeple and make new friends.


The overall atmosphere of Elon is very conducive to a fulfilling college experience. I feel very challenged academically, and I feel like my professors really want me to succeed here. They make the extra effort to be available for any concerns I might have, even if they are about things other than the class they teach me. But I do still feel like I get the whole college experience, including the social scene, greek life, and school spirit at sporting events.


There's a strong sense of work hard, play hard here. If you know how to have fun and still manage your work well, this is the place for you.


The student and faculty relationships that you can form.


It has great teachers and classes, beautiful campus, and wonderful people. It is also the perfect size, not to big yet not too small. You get to know lots of people.


The girls. Alomst all of the women at Elon are beautiful.


The best thing about the school are the students who attend. Everybody is friendly and very accepting, especially within the greek community.


The professors are some of the most intelligent and intruiging people I have ever encountered. They are well established in their respective fields and are excited to bring their knowledge into the classroom. For the most part, they are willing to work with students and make themselves VERY available to students. For me, the excellence of the faculty has made my Elon experience as valuable as it is.


The people are the best part. Everyone is friendly and wants you to succeed.