Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My career-fixated classmates range from preppy engineer geeks and pilot or aeronautical pilots to military and sport enthusiasts.


My classmates are motivated to learn.


We have students from around our nation, and from around the world. Most students always feel included here due to our 80+ clubs. Also if you don't see a club that you want, students are always free to start their own club.


My classmates are a rare breed of human kind; they are intelligent, imaginative, and they all, like I, feel the pull of the skies.


Many emails filling inboxes about diversity and woman's equality mostly putting down the males


My classmates are focused individuals who are mostly male.


Everybody shares common passions and enthusiasms, which makes it a great environment. Most students are very driven to succeed, and those who are not don't usually last. The overall student body is friendly and helpful, and people generally get along.


My classmates are a very diverse set of people, with common majors, with a new set possibilities to connect with their culture, which could be from different parts of the world.


My school is often cited as being one of the most diverse schools around, which is true for 2 reasons; since the school is highly specialized and it is one of the few in the country like it (or even the world for that matter), students from from all over the United States. If you looked around the campus parking lots, you will certainly find license plates from every state, even including Alaska (yes, I know of several students who have driven their car through Canada all the way to FL. I think Hawaii may be the only exception, but we certainly have several students from Hawaii regardless. the reason ERAU is so diverse is because it is well-known throughout the world. We have small satellite campuses throughout the world, and ERAU does a lot of international advertising, so for many foreign students who want to study in America, ERAU is one of the most memorable names. Oddly enough, it seems that the rest of the world has heard more of ERAU than most Americans. Either way, there is a very diverse student body here, and not just because of nationality. People here come from many different religions as well. Also, there is a very diverse and accepting student body when it comes to sexual orientation as well. Basically, if you plan on attending ERAU, get used to the idea of interacting, working with, living with, and learning A LOT about different kinds of people you may have never otherwise had the chance to meet, and you will definitely appreciate meeting them. Most people here often say that coming to ERAU was their first time meeting this many different kinds of people, and they all say that it changed their perspective of the world. One commonality you may find at ERAU, however, is that it seems to be that, as far as politics goes, most students tend to be right-wing. It sometimes makes for some one-sided discussions in class, but it you like thinking outside the box or playing devil's advocate, it can sometimes be a field day. Like I mentioned, everyone is generally very accepting, regardless of politics, religion, etc. and I can almost promise you will not have too much trouble fitting in at ERAU.


There is no one phrase that can describe the variety of students that are in your classroom; with that being said, it is a great thing to be in such a learning environment, one that has the advantage of small classrooms so you get to know others well, with a diverse group of people here.


The student body at ERAU is very diverse and friendly. Students come from all over the country and the world in order to learn at the number one Aeronautical University. There are tons of student groups and activities on campus to get involved in. Everyone interacts with each other to help study or complete projects.


The classmates are friendly, intelligent and compassionate.


mostly male, from all over the world, fellow geeks


My classmates are all very focused.


They are hard-working, dedicated, and smart individuals.


Classmates are fun to hang around with, we get along and can share things because we are studying the same things.


Classmates are usually easy to get along with as well as develop friendships with. Unlike more diverse schools with various majors and careers in mind, Embry-Riddle is mostly filled with individuals that have much in common, whether they be pilots, meteorologists, or buisness and engineer majors, there is typically common groudn in which friendships can be developed.


Diverse, friendly, and everyone knows everyone else.


My classmates are the same every semester so they become your good friends who will help you if you ask them.


Intelligent when they want to be, though some can't be helped.


My classmates are very friendly, yet some are a little out of touch with the real world due to the fact they grew up financially stable.


Fun, outgoing and all around good people.


They are very competitive, goal-oriented, driven, helpful, and intelligent.


They are boring.


My classmates are very motivated and career-oriented because we go to a technical school.


Mostly engineers, more mature than the average student. The pilots here are more normal for our generation. And the ROTC here think they run the place.


Nerdy, quiet. Always paying attention




My classmates are from all different cultures and backgrounds, making ERAU a truly unique univeristy.


If I were to describe most of my classmates in one sentence, it would be as follows: Friendly, trying to understand all things from a logical or practical approach, set on goals and/or careers, somewhat apprehensive, team-oriented, social, diverse, and, most of all, quite entirely interesting.