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My school, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, is smaller and known for Aerospace engineering. The class size is at most 30 students, so the teachers can work with you individually and they are always available during their office hours. Embry-Riddle is #1 for an undergrad in Aerospace engineering and my school is highly sought after by great Aerospace companies.


It is extremely aviation based and there are a lot of pilots and engineers. It is a very specialized school.


Embry-Riddle is unique in the way that it is very small, which makes for a good classroom environment, and it is the best aeronautical school


What is unique about my school that teachers are always there to help you and its a small community within the school since classes are small almost everybody knows eachother. Theres always someone to guide you in the right way and having all the military branches its preatty neat . Everybody in school is very open to talk to you and help you out . Theres many clubs and greek life and theres alot of diverse students .


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a very interesting place. Overall, the students are motivated, the professors are caring and enthusiastic about aviation and your future, and you will learn tons about whatever field you engage in at ERAU. I will be honest and say that the school's administration has many of their priorities backwards, and seems to be more interested in filling their pockets with your tuition dollars, but do not let that reflect on the students and faculty. The students and faculty are what make the school what it is.


It is a very specific degree school. This school is for aviation and engineering related majors. If you want to study these things, this is a great place to study. The campus is small, and easy to navigate around, as well as pedestrian friendly. The weather is nice all year round as well.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers an incredible hands-on experience especially tailored to students interested in various Aerospace, Engineering, and Aeronautical Disciplines. It has extrememly knowledgeable instructors that bring both Industry Experience and Academic Proficiency. It is a very special university that attracts a passionate and highly-motivated student population which will be shaping the future and leading the worldwide Aerospace Industry in years to come!


Embry-Riddle benefits from a large number of its students participating in all branches of ROTC. The detachments at ERAU are by far the most professional and dedicated organizations within the country, and fully prepare cadets to become officers in the military. There is a large support network for tutoring and it is easy for students to get along with people from every single grade. Additionally, the housing and residence staff do an excellent job of taking care of us and there is a student run medical agency that works beside campus safety.


its great and feels very open minded


we actually get to work on things in our industry before we get into engineering classes. most other schools do little to know engineering work before the 3rd year of college. i have been engineering large scale model rockets since i got here last year, and have been designing liquid propellant rocket engines for about a semeter.


Majors offered, campus size and location


There is a beach 5 minutues away.


This school focuses specializes in aviation related fields more than any other in the country.


The focus on Aerospace Engineering


The amount of students that arrive their first semester here and already know what they want out of their career and colllege experience. Much more focused than most schools.


it is specific for the major. theres not a lot of b.s. classes to take. only the classes u need for your feild of study.


Our school is all about aviation, so every student here has a love for the aviation industry. The school is literally on the Daytona Beach airport because of the flight students. Everywhere on campus, whenever an airplane takes off (especially the large ones) everyone is watching it. The majority of students here have a fascination with airplanes. It is wonderful to be part of the leading aerospace university, and everyone in the industry knows it. Since we are so close to Kennedy Space Center, students plan trips to Titusville for the shuttle launch, otherwise you can watch it from campus.


My school has the best flight program in the nation and students from all over the world come to attend ERAU. It also has the second best and largest AFROTC detachtment in the nation. With very high standards and a very small population, I decided to attend the school with the hopes of sticking out when applying for jobs.


The uniqueness of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach is its drive for career advancement and majority of students who have set goals to become something they want to be. This University has very specific majors that are meant to be used for Commercial, Military, or Private Piloting, multitudes of Engineering, Meteorology, and Human Factors Psychology to name a few. Ontop of this, the diversity of the campus, especially considering that it certainly isn't large, is certainly astounding. We have people from all over the world who attend here.