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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


the most popular at this school, without a shadow of a doubt, is flying.




The most popular groups on campus would probably be the Soccer teams. Our Soccer teams, both guys and girls, have been both nationally ranked and have some national titles. Most of your new closest friends will be made in your dorm room, or your fellow classmates. There aren't a lot of drugs or alcohol on campus.


there is nothing to do besides drink


Some popular clubs are: ERFSEDS - the Embry Riddle Future Space Explorers and Developers Society (AKA the rocket club) they build and fly model rockets womens and co-ed baja teams eco car airsoft club im in ERFSEDS and have been ever since i enrolled. it is the best club on campus to get some real hands on experience in engineering. we design and build class 3 model rockets and fly them in competitions. we have won the IREC competition in Utah 2 years in a row and are going for a 3rd this summer. we also design and build our own solid propellant rocket motors and are making various machines to do advanced composite manufacturing. leaving doors open really depends on the person/group. in my freshman year all the doors in my hall were always open if someone was in them. but ive also seen halls that were all closed too. we dont really have too many athletic events here. we do have a hockey team, and although they seem to be very popular, i dont know anyone who's been to a game. we do get alot of guest speakers however. the auditorium is usually full for them. dating, ha ha, funny. with the percentage of women on campus at around 15% there is little to none for most people. you usually have to find someone from one of the other local colleges. i guess its good for the women though, they can pretty much have their choice of guys. i met my closest friends in ERFSEDS. we all love working on rockets and thats all we really talk about. if i am still awake by 2AM its probably cause i have a huge test to study for. while i have noticed parties on occasion i would not even come close to classifying this place as a "party school". usually people only have time for parties at the beginning of the semester, before the workload hits, and at the end, to celebrate the end of finals. Fraternities and sororities are not that important. none of them even have houses cause the local laws wont allow it. so unless you feel like paying for drinking buddies, there is really no reason to join one. last weekend i was helping at a school event at a local museum. we were trying to raise scientific awareness in the community by showing off some of our student projects. i was there explaining to children and adults what our rocket does and what we use it for. on Sunday i was trying to catch up on a week of lost sleep. go out to eat, thats what we do anyway. there are a few tourist traps in the area that are fun to go to. we go out to eat. there is usually something going on at the daytona speedway.


There is a large variety of different organizations on campus, and if there isn't you could easily make it. We have a lot of different engineering clubs, from one that launches certified rockets to one that builds UAVs and competes nationally with it, a nationally qualified flight team, Greek life, volunteer service groups, athletics (which is actually expanding quite a bit in the next few years), and many others. As far as Greek life goes, it is not as prevalent as it might be on other campuses. I would say maybe 30%-40% of students are involved in Greek life. Most girls seem to be as well. I will say this, at other schools, Greeks seem to "run the school", but this is not the case at ERAU. Here, the atmosphere is mostly, "You're in a frat? Cool. So anyway, did you finish the hw from last week?" or even, "You're not in a frat? OK, No big deal." So if the frat thing is not for you, then you actually fit in with the majority of students. But if you're looking to join a frat for social influence around campus or as a way to dictate what your college lifestyle will be, you might want to look into other schools, because frats and sororities are not everything here at ERAU. Guest speakers are almost a weekly event at ERAU, and so are student-organized movies and game events, as well as professional musicians and comedians. There are student organizations that set those things up all the time, and do a pretty good job of it as well. As far as life outside of ERAU goes, Daytona Beach is actually kind of a quiet town. On weekends, students can most likely be found either participating in a campus-sponsored event, partying at one of the 2 or 3 major local night clubs, hitting the beach, or heading to Orlando to hang out. Having a social life is harder for students who do not own their own car, because Daytona can be a hard place to get around in without a car, but you will always have friends that will drive. Keep in mind that ERAU is more focused than your average schools, so don't expect wild parties every single weekend. A significant amount of students are trying to get jobs with government contractors, the military, or airlines and you will find more often than not, that they'd would rather not do something that might end them up in a jail cell at the end of the night or else they can kiss their high-paying, life dream career goodbye. But that is not to say that ERAU students don't find ways to have fun, and often times, those things tend to be things that will end up helping their careers. For example, sometimes students might rent a plane for Spring Break and fly themselves and a friend or two to the Bahamas for the week (and yes, I do mean with them at the flight controls). Something like that builds flight hours and flight experience, and lets be honest, that's a way cooler Spring Break than getting drunk all week at a party house, right?


There are so many groups and clubs on campus! Students can get involved in anything from skydiving, motorcycle, scuba, swing dance, and paint-balling to engineering, meteorology, radio broadcasting, and TV weather broadcasting.


There are so many groups and clubs on campus! Students can get involved in anything from skydiving, motorcycle, scuba, swing dance, and paint-balling to engineering, meteorology, radio broadcasting, and TV weather broadcasting.