Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I mostly when attending my school is the copious amount of student organizations and programs. There are over 120 student orgainzations and many are dedicated to helping students through either mentoring, tutoring or study aid programs.


My school teaches us (the students) how to be pioneers of the skies. You come into the university a ground walker with zero time in the sky and walk out with hundreds of hours in a small plane. You walk out a pilot.


The fact that it is one of the top ranked schools in the country for aviation and engineering and the fact that 12 out of the 14 varsity sports have won conference and went to the national tournament for the respective sports.


We are leaders in the industry and very well-known in the field. We learn cool things in classes and have exciting opportunities.


It produces almost half of Boeings work force


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is rated number one in the aviation world and is an excellent school to not only be accepted too, but to attend. ERAU is known for their aviation excellence and is an amazing school to attend if interested in the aviation career field.


Great school, hard, beautiful location


I get to fly planes not much else to brad about when thats your opening brag.


that we actualy get to do enginering work. most of my friends are still only getting to work on math and physics classes. i still have to do those classes but actually get to do hands on work too. also, even though i dont really enjoy it, i still brag that its in daytona beach.


When I first came here was the beautiful weather, the availability to visit the beach on days away from school, and living on my own in an apartment with a pool and other amenities.


We offer the best training in the aerospace industry than any institution world wide. We have the best flight line and aviation department, best aerospace engineering, best aviation business program in the world. We have the world's largest collegiate flightline with over 80 aircraft.


The campus is nice and it has a major available that I wanted to study. It is close to home and allows me commute easier.


The location of my school was the best ever. Daytona Beach, FL is a great place to study. The weather year round is great and you can go to the beach during study breaks.


I go to school to fly airplanes!! We fly top of the line Cessna's equipped with the G-1000. The instructors are great. Classes are a prefect size. You don't feel like jsut another person.


How well known it is within the industry and its location.


It's cool because you get to fly the first day and its a very condusive place for learning.


The beach and education


I brag the Embry Riddle is the top notch aeronautical university in the world. I would declare Embry Riddle the Harvard of aeronautical univerisities.


Number one aviation school in the country.


I am gonna get the career I always wanted. I live near the beach. The weather is nice.


The job I will have. My classroom is the sky and not many people are able to say that.


We have tons of planes on campus. It makes us unique.


Very well known in the industry and holds a lot of weight in some companies. By the beach. Good group of friends from all around the country.


I brag most about the fact that my school has the highest and best reputation for aviation in the world and I know that I am receiving the best possible education for the field I want to enter. The fleet of aircraft are the most reliable and most safe fleet that the school can maintain and is better that most other schools within the same field of study.


the availibity of resouces


Number one Aerospace engineering program in the nation!


We have our own airplanes


I go to the number one aviation related college in the world!


We are very elit and call ourselves the Harvard of the sky.