Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The only students who should be attending Embry are those who are aerospace/engineering inclined. Embry is a space and sky oriented school, we only have enough soft science and liturature classes for students to complete general education. We have business, but again it is for those who want to run a space industry or airline. Pilots make up at least a third of our students, the rest mostly being aerospace engineers, mechanical enginners, electrical engineers, computer engineers, software engineers and so forth. Basically, any form of engineering or piloting needed for space travel, air transportation, or military work.


Anyone interested in space or aviation should definitely attend Embry-Riddle.


This school is best suited for aviation enthusiasts - people that want to pursue a career in aviation business, management, engineering, air traffic control, and piloting.


A person who wants to go to this university needs to understand that it is not easy. One will need to study and apply oneself as much as they can. In order to do well here, you need to study for the tests, and do your homework. If you have a question, make sure to ask your professor as soon as you can so that they can help you before a problem arises.


A person who is focused on a careers in aviation, engineering, homeland security, or aerospace based business. The school is also largely made up of ROTC members, making it especially appealing to those interested in becoming officers in the United States Military.


Anybody thta plans to have a carreer in aviation.


Someone who is determined and knows what he or she wants to do in life. This is not a place for your typical "college experience." It is unique in that sence.


If any student enrolls at Embry Riddle, should belive in themselves and go for their dreams like I am . Space,aircraft, and doing things hands on is just some of the things you can do at this school.I am having a ball here,and so will you.


The kind of person that should attend this school is the one that wants to acheive a goal without loosing or wasting time, because if you are a student who doesn't want to study, you are occupying a space that maybe another person should obtain because he or she wants to study and get a professional carreer for real.


Hard working


A person who is very focused on and certian of his career in the aerospace industry should attend this school.


Filthy fucking rich.


Someone who is willing to learn and give it there all. Also have some deep pockets!!!!!!!


Someone who is very focused on academics and pursuing a career. Someone who doesn't require a heavy amount of social activities (i.e. things to do on or off campus for fun). Someone who is not very concerned about an 8:1 guy-to-girl ratio (this comes into play more than you would think...)


Professionally motivated individuals interested in the aerospace industry. Students here need to be willing to make sacrifices for their education.


Someone interested in flying/engineering.


Anyone and everyone can attend this school as long as it is for the right reason or it has the major you are looking for.


Someone who knows what they want and who likes to have fun and make real friends, not just someone looking for a girl to hook up with (there's not many girls here). I feel that most people who don't go greek end up hating it.


Someone definitely intersted in a career in aviation or aerospace. The liberal arts program is minimal.