Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Professors make it there mission to know every student that they have. My favorite was Forensic Science class because we had the chance to investigate real crime scenes. Students study on a daily basis and sometimes on weekends depends on the major, student, and the time of year, but generally there is always some sort of studying happening. Very common in classrooms you will see class discussions happening and everyone usually gets involved and shows some sort of interest on the subject. Yes, there are very high intellectual conversations happening throughout the campus. Yes, especially because this is a very specific school and students that are passionate enough to stay here through their degree it will be very competitive for them. My most unique class that I've taken was History of Terrorism, throughout the class you and a small group work together to create a project on how to prevent future terrorist attacks based on attacks has happened in the U.S. My major is Global Security and Intelligence Studies with a minor in Mandarin Chinese Language and it is based on anything between security of the country to international relations and intelligence. The way to compare it to is this program helps students prepare to be FBI, CIA, NSA, or private security group agents. I have spent time with a couple of professors outside of class to help know the information we have gone over in class or practice using some of the skills in the outside world. The academic requirements could be equivalent to a Yale or Harvard standard, the school sets high requirements but if you are passionate about what you are doing and making yourself successful then these requirements are not hard to keep/meet This school definitely geared towards you getting a job.


Our academics are directly related to our field of work.


Academics at Embry Riddle are phenomenal! Professors treat students like adults and are always available to help a student whatever the need. In my opinion, classes do not feel like classes, instead they feel like job training, but in the best way! I don't get bored in long lectures because all the information is interesting and useful. I am an Air Traffic Management student so I spend some time in the Air Traffic Lab, which is awesome and state of the art I might add. All my professors are here to help us succeed and they all go the extra mile to do so.


Since the student body is small, the professors do make the time to know every student. They are available in their offices to meet with students to go over academics or just to talk. Everyone at this school is very supportive. The degree programs are pretty intense and focused on that specific area of interest. Instead of taking a general history class, aviation students take history of aviation. Taking courses that pertain to your degree program keeps me interested. The school tries very hard to set up curriculum to meet the needs of that particular industry. This is very helpful when it comes to getting an internship during school and a job after graduation.


Too many students, too little professors. Its the SAME schooling you'd get at any other college.