Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When the school brags about professors caring and knowing your name, that is true. The dorms are incredible in comparison to other schools. The school is located in Prescott which is one of the nicest and cooler parts of Arizona.


It is the world's number one leader in aerospace college education. It offers diverse majors in the aviation and engineering fields and the student to faculty ratio is very impressive. The university cares about each individual student's successs and provides valuable tools and resources for them to succeed.


The airplanes


I like telling them about the really interesting course work I am doing and my academic achievements.


I mostly talk about the outstanding education staff here. They all have some for of military or government background and have a great personality to match their outstanding resume. Other things I mention are the connections you make with other students, since we're such a small campus. Sometimes, you'll find yourself with classes that upper classmen are taking, and since they're graduating before you, it gives you a chance to make connections with the corporate world before you even get out of school. Also, Air Force and Army play a large ROTC roll in Prescott.


The many privilages of my school includes many small classroom environments with an average class size of 24. I have the option of taking advantage of my professors' office hours each week with the longest staying until four in the afternoon. Not many students have the access of using a database. I, on the other hand, can pull out creditible resources from my school library's database that are safe to use and some databases have already cited the source for you. The most professors are lively entertaining that I would not want to miss their lectures.


That I am attending the best school in the country for becoming a pilot.


That our school is the highest ranked school in the nation to learn what we do. Aeronautical Science. Many of us who are pilots do what many never get to do in their lifetimes. And that is, is that can fly aircraft thousands of feet above the ground. Not only can we fly the airplanes, but we can fly them very professionaly.


Great School


Bragging goes straight to the fact that this school is specialized and difficult. Not a lot of smart people get 2.5 GPAs in college, but here you find that to be the most common situation.


Nothing. This school is not worth the money.


Its where the smart people go.