Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to be more reasonable. I looked only to the stars and though it worked out for me and I made it to my college of choice with a good major, I would have told myself that I need to focus more on reasonable situations. I would say that I need to aim for all my dreams, but to have a backup plan just in case.


Take AP Literature


Don't worry about your not fitting in. You're going to college to build your future, not to be popular. You don't need to change to find friends, just being yourself will bring them to you. Don't worry about your roommates, they're actually pretty okay. Even if you don't like them you'll get new ones in a semester. No matter what you can call your family and visit them on the holidays. Don't worry about your classes, you'll do just fine. So I suggest working a bit harder on microeconomics. You don't need to worry about your teachers. They're actually pretty cool and want you succeed in their classes. Also don't forget about those scholarship applications that you have bookmarked and say you will get around to them. Its best to just finish them now before you forget like we both know you will. But basically don't worry about anything. It all works out.


We all know that being a senior you have one main goal, get into the college of your dreams. I got a headstart on college applications and I was fortunate enough to grab a spot on the Embry-Riddle team. If I could have told myself anything about the transition to college it would have been, never doubt your dreams to suceed. No dreams are too big, apply yourself and you can get anything done. College is as hard as you make it, study hard and smile everyday because you are an Embry Riddle Eagle.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would tell myself to follow my own path. That has served me very well in life. I have always followed a very different plan than my peers and it has put me ahead of them time and time again. I would tell myself to always do what I think is right, even if it is not the popular thing to do. I have always stood up for what I believe in and it has made me a stronger person. Everyone should have something they believe in strongly enough to fight for it. Just as a hint, I would also let myself know that joining the military would be the scariest, craziest, most important, and life-changing experience I will ever have and that I will love every minute of it!


I would tell myself to take better care of my physical health physical. I came down with mono my Sophomore year of college and instead of resting like I should have, I pushed myself too hard and ended up with a lot of complications that caused me to become disabled and wheel chair bound. If I could go back in time I would be able to skip a lot of the pain and suffering I have experienced in the last 4 years. I would also tell myself that the work is much like the work I had to do in High School, and to not worry about it so much.


I would tell myself to not live by what others think of me, but to work on finding the academic major in which I find the most passion in. Finding a field of concentration that I love doing, that I'm good at, and will make me a financially comfortable should be something I plan in pursuing. I would also emphasize how important it is to learn how to use MLA format and to keep current on my skills in mathematics for future placement tests at universities. Time management is one of the most important qualities to possess. Not showing up to class early to meet with the teachers when not completely understanding the materials is one of the biggest mistakes I have made. This may come in handy down the line when needing college recommendations for applications. Most importantly, instead of spending a great deal of time hanging out with friends on weekends, taking the time to plan out every class needed per year in order to graduate on time is absolutely essential. This level of preparedness will prevent potential setbacks, always allowing for a backup plan.


I'd tell myself that I need to join he ballroom club, because I'll be making friends for life in there. I'd say that I need to buckle down, and not take the Chinese track in my major. It'll only cause problems later. Go with Spanish. Don't be afraid to open up. They are just as geeky as you are, and just as afraid. Don't give up either. Mom might want you to go elsewhere, but work hard. Get a job as soon as possible, and work on scholarships. Always work on Scholarships.


I grew up on a farm and ranch on the windswept plains of Eastern Colorado. I graduated from high school in May 2008, and by the end of June I was a new cadet at the United States Military Academy. I spent two years wearing a uniform, marching in formation, and living in the barracks before deciding to leave the army and travel the world. I started my adventure in Poland, where I worked as an au pair for a Polish family. From Poland, I moved to Turkey and lived on a yacht sailing between the islands of Turkey and Greece. After Turkey, I flew to the Cook Islands, where I worked as a PADI Divemaster for a local dive company. After returning to the U.S. in August 2011, I enrolled in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as a Global Security and Intelligence/Arabic major. In August 2012, I flew to Cairo, Egypt where I spent nine months studying abroad, traveling the country, and teaching English. I have not made conventional choices, but I believe that we should each blaze our own path. I would tell my high school self that following this mantra was the best decision you made.


Build good time management and study habits. School may be easy now but when it starts to get hard you want to have those skills to fall back on or you will drive yourself crazy with stress. Being able to manage when you do homework and study will give you time to hang out with friends and not have to worry about the homework due the next day.


I would tell myself to brace myself for the difficulty of the classes ahead. I would also tell myself to stick to my major even though it will gewt tough and discouraging and to just look ahead to the goal for motivation.


I use my life and any opportunity as a great testemony in anyhow. It is a blessing and a great decision when you stay in school and picture or frame your future. Education can go way behond what you expected in life because there is so much you can doand help other friends,classmates to change their life. Be a mentor,a councelor for everyone on your way,and i am sure the nature or the future will not keep it as simple..Your kids,your generation can benefit from a good decision you take today.


School work is the most important thing. Always get help even if you are the slightest bit confused. Distance is not worth it. And enjoy yourself. Life can be too short.


When you get to college, become the person you want to be. No one knows who you are or what you're about. If there is something about yourself that you want changed, now is the time. Become outgoing; be open to new friends and new ideas. You are about to enter a whole new climate of learning and exploration. It is an entirely different climate than high school. Some people mature and some people never change. You will have some people shock you with their indecency, but don't let it blind you to others' compassion and love. Ignore the unnecessary evil, help those in need, and be the one to make any necessary change happen. Be a leader when it counts and a carefully listening follower the other times; admitting that you do not and will not ever know it all.


Be open; continually search for what you love. Be open to change your major, but don't be too quick to either. Never be afraid to dream big. Persevere through stuff that you might not like in the short term but will get you there in the long run. Make friends; take risks. School's not everything; live out the college experience! Yes, you must study, but give yourself breaks sometimes; go cliff-jumping! Don't forget everything your parents taught you growing up; continue to ask them for help, but not too much. Most importantly, never stop dreaming!


Well, I actually chose to go to school a year early, so if I could go back to when I was deciding to attend college, there is one major detail I'd note. I would have to tell myself that visiting campuses is paramount. It's important to get out there and see what different schools are like, and if it's something you can handle. I remember visiting a state school and being overwhelmed by the number of people. Between classes, you couldn't walk on the sidewalks. Needless to say, I decided a smaller school or at least one with a small-school feel would be better. I think I should have visited more schools than I did. When visiting a campus, look at the surrounding areas and town/city. I didn't know how small Prescott really is, and now I wouldn't mind somewhere that had more atmosphere that catered to an active, socially diverse, college lifestyle. I do like the outdoors, so my choice for this part of Arizona was actually a great one.


I would tell my senior self to study more and be prepaired for long nights and tough classes. I would teach myself how to study better, and develop interview and social skills. I would also tell myself that friends aren't everything. The people you meet in high school aren't going to be there forever, and the people who don't realize that early on, never catch on in the first place. I would also tell myself to develop on my writing skills. Its a very important quality.


I would advise myself to be more open-minded about my career path and to take other college students' advice to heart. Had I taken advantage of my dad's interest in aviation, I would be much further along by now.


I would tell myself that you are making a good choice. Don’t lose focus on the important things, but it is alright to stop and enjoy the pleasures of everyday life and not get distracted. Let go of the ambitions that are complicated, because anything that is complicated with make your life exactly that with very little payoff.


I would tell myself that i know it sounds cliche, but do not slack off on homework. It will bite you, and it will catch up to you a lot faster than in high school. I would say that it is perfectly acceptable to take a break from school in case of a family emergency, and not to worry about money or keeping scholarships in that case. Finally, I would tell myself to not be surprised that I continue to keep contact with my friend Lindsey. (I would not, however, tell myself that I would marry Lindsey in July 2011!)


Ok, Jeffrey Kennedy. You graduated from high school and got accepted into Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ. Knowing that the transition to college life is difficult, you better adapt quickly and get to your studies. Do your best and make your parents proud. In addition, because college is so expensive, apply to as many scholarships as possible. The more money you receive, the less money you and your parents will owe in student loans. So what are you waiting for? Apply and get scholarships and pass all of your classes and get your degree!


OK, this is your senior year now you need to step it up. Stay focused and join as many activities as you can. Go on all the trips and outings for the seniors. Apply to your colleges early and take the ACT and SAT as many times as possible. Don't let them distract you from your goal. Stay in the guidance counselors' office for as long as you can, so they can help you. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Stay on your teachers' good side because you might have to ask them for reccomendations. Go to the library or wherever else you have to goto apply for scholarships and grants. Don't forget to pray everyday. Make sure you keep yourself around people that want to go to college like you so that you can keep each other focused on everything you have to do. Open a bank account and start saving money, trust me you will need it. Don't buy things unless you really need it. And don't forget to have fun.


Pay attention in Spanish class, it won't be a regret. Don't sweat the small stuff, as you will soon forget. Join clubs, teams, and make time to volunteer. You'll learn skills and lessons helpful in your future career. Don't worry about losing that championship game. It'll be but a small memory years from now, and not something to shame. Thank your teachers, the ones that were a source of motivation. They are truly the heart of our whole nation. Be good to your parents, they really do know what's best. They'll always support you, and for that you are blessed. Stay true to you and what you believe. After all, you're the one person that will never leave!


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far is the knowledge of my major because now I can say I know what that is.


As a freshmen at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, I have grown to become a leader among my peers and other competitiors in the industry I plan to go into as a professional pilot. The University is unlike no other, everyone here has dreams to pursuit aviation whether it is engineering, weather, Air Force, air traffic controller, or becoming a pilot. As a whole, we share this in common. Anytime there is a student pilot in the triaffic pattern every head on campus glances up to the sky knowing they have made the right decesion in coming to this prestige aviaiton school know around the world for producing the best professional pilots, engineers, meterologist, and air traffic controllers. Amazing thing is one day we will all work together in the industry with the education of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The Faculty and staff are all here to support us and point us in the right direction to become the new leaders of tomorrow in the aviation industry. For these reasons are the why I chose to come here. It has taught be to be professional, mature, competitiveness and the desire to further my education. Thank You, Gentry Long


During the past school year, I have allowed myself to be exposed and be relaxed about subjects that are considered to be complicating. The emphasis on a "growth in knowlege", and "learning by doing" gives the kind of education the allows students to progress and achieve great things. At the same time, I have grown to having fun while serving the needs of my community and school. I have accepted many benefits and disbenefits from being a long way from home. However, seeing the world in a different angle and experiencing a side that I could not experience by staying in the little town I lived before flying thousands of miles away from home. College has given me the chance of wanting to do more and being fearless about taking chances.


I have learned to get along with groups of very different personalities and work as a team. I have also learned time management skills to be able to get all my work load completed and still have a little time for fun and relaxation. The program here is intense, but the school is very highly regarded in the aerospace industry to I think graduating from here will be great for my future career and life.


Going to college not only helped me grow academically, but it also gave me the opportunity to grow as a person. It taught me to focus on time-managment skills, how to prioritze various tasks in and out of school and it gave me the chance to work with a multitude of personalities. The skills that I gained in college are tools I have been able to use throughout my life and career. Being on my own in college gave me the chance to learn not only about aviation, but about myself as well.


Embry-Riddle is an institution that challenges its students not only in academics, but in the field of aviation. So it was with me. Time management, disciplined study and connections with industry professionals were the key to a successful undergraduate experience, and certainly the graduate experience that is soon to come.


I have only been here for a small amount of time, but with all of the resources that I have access to I will be able overcome any obstacle that college life can give me. When I have a problem I can go to my roomates or my classmates who will become my lifelong friends that will help me with any problem a obtain in my later life. With these problems I can also go to any faculty member here including any of the teachers who I will stay in contact with to inform them of my goals and acheivments in my field made possible from their teaching and guidance. These lifelong relationships can never be broken or forgotten and that along with the education I am recieving, are the most pricless items a human can obtain.


I have learned more in my two years of college than I did in all of high school. I love to learn so this is great for me. I can't wait to learn even more.


I have learned so much about me and the world around me by going to Embry riddle. At my highschool, there really weren't any people who thought the way I thought or were trually interested in the same things that I was. When I went away to school, i found so many people who thought the way i did and liked the same things that I did that i thoguht I was in heaven. In high school, i also didn't really like going to school or even waking up for classes beacuse they did not interest or challenge me in any way. I am learning so many new things at Riddle that actually challenge me and I've learned that I do actually love to learn, and this college helped me realize that. Even though sometimes its really hard, I do truely love what i am doing.


In the two years that I attended College of the Canyons, I earned an education--both in school, and in life. The campus was clean, the teachers were nice, and my peers were very entertaining. The past two years have been incredible years of transformation for me. I went from having absolutely no direction in life to knowing exactly where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I took full loads of classes for a majority of the semesters, and I was accepted to transfer into the school of my dreams. I feel like the environment at College of the Canyons motivated me and my peers to strive for the best of our abilities and nothing less.


What I have gotten from my college experience would be that I am beginning to realize where I fit in as an individiual. It differs from High School because in High School, I was living with my parent and your freedom and independence only span as far as my parent is willing to let me. In college, like in all the Hollywood movies, stereotypical college settings, you're on your own: you have to fend for yourself and all of this is required outside of the reason why you're at college: the classes you take in order to receive that Bachelors degree or higher. It has been valuable for me to attend because I believe there is no other place where you will find where you can fit in for the rest of your life, where you learn to be independent from your parents, where you finally "leave the nest".


I would tell myself to make every oportunity count. Don't waste a thing. Join every club you think would be remotely fun and meet people. Meeting people and getting to know people at college is what makes college so much fun. It may be scary to meet new people and to step outside your comfort zone but do it anyways. Also make the most of your academic opportunities. The teachers want to help you learn so use them. Visit them during their office hours and get to know them. Tell them if you are having trouble with something and they will help you. Make sure you do your homework even if they don't grade it. The teachers assign homework to help you learn and it will greatly help you on your tests. Basicly the advice I would give myself can be boiled down to this: Work hard and have fun.


I would tell my senior self to work harder on scholarships and not stress out so much. Also, I would warn myself that living in a dorm room with 5 other girls isn't fun and to start looking for apartments right away.


If I knew what college life was like before I made it here, I would have pushed myself to fill out more scholarships and grants. College is not cheap and money is the one thing that not only myself but everyone attending college needs. College is a great place to make new friends and have a good time. I thinks its much better than high school because in college you are learning for your future and your career.


In my current situation, I'm sitting on the decision to transfer schools as a way of pursuing a new major. If I were to go back in time and talk to myself, I would give the following advice: Don't be so hasty about choosing a college major, and don't go to a specialty school for only that major if you haven't totally made up your mind. I would also add some advice on the subject of being totally on your own, and not having immediate family or friends around to help you financially or emotionally whenever times are tough. The jump to college life is hard, and it would be important for my younger self to know that he needs to plan for all possible problems that may occur. The most important possible problem to prepare for would be the challenge of having a roommate. Since I had been an only child, it would be important for me to prepare myself better for living in close proximity to someone who may not share the same values as me. All this advice would help prepare my past self for the challenges he would encounter at college.


To start with, I would tell mysef to not put any assignment off until the very last minute. Instead of thinking that there is always more time or tomorrow to get the assignment done, finish it early on. As a procrastinator thinks that they would rather not miss anything that might be going on to do the assignment at hand, true students understand that it is easier to do little parts throughout rather than cram hours in the night before a due date. Another thing I would tell m self would be to keep track of assignments and their due dates. In college, professors might tell you about homework in class, but most of the time it is either on the internet or a sheet handed out first day of class. Even though they might not remind you, the assignment is still due on said day.


In a classroom of over 500 students, I do not believe I could have felt more alone. I came to the school with the intentions of joining clubs, getting a job, meeting lifelong friends, and keeping up my grades. By the end of first semester the only thing I accomplished was getting good grades. Fast forward two years, now at my second university, in an entirely different state, with a job I love, challenging coursework but worth the time, in a sorority, and surrounded with friends that feel like family. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would want myself to remember a few things. It is okay to be me. Everyone is different, but the only thing that matters is that I do the very best that I can do. I would also want myself to follow my dreams, but do not be afraid to change if they change. Lastly I would want to remember that we only get one life to live so do not wait until tomorrow to do the things I have always dreamed of doing, or miss out, because I was to afraid to jump.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself not to worry about money. Scholarships come in just in time, and the staff at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is amazing. They'll help you in any way possible.


I would tell myself to plan a little better. I would have told myself to get on the ball and apply to more scholarships. Also i would have told myself not to worry about going to the junior college first, and go strait to the university becasue i would have recieved better scholarships and grants from the school, and if you go to the junior college you wont be eligable for them anymore.


The best advice that I could give myself is to get out of the dorm room and interact with the campus community. Having a good circle of friends is very helpful for making the transition to college life. It's far to easy to become a recluse in your dorm room who spends all of his free time playing video games and wasting time online completely ignoring the larger world outside. Furthermore, joining clubs and/or fraternities can be a critical step to meeting new people and making new friends. The next set of good advice would be to chose those groups carefully - avoiding those which blatantly disregard good sense and common decency as well as applicable laws. Specifically, don't get involved with folks who intend to go out and party with drugs or underage and excessive drinking. There is no good sense to put your entire future on the line for the sake of a little fun. If you look for folks whose values match your own, you can find groups of people who know how to enjoy life without compromising their integrity and academic futures.


I would want to tell myself that I can achieve any goal I set, I'm not going to fail if I just take the step to do something. Making a decision is part of the process and you are not alone in where you will be going. There are those who can help and encourage you not just with words but also with direction when you come to a place you think you can not over come. Just stay true to your heart and do not let life sway you away. Though you think you want to get on with your own life, you must have a way to endure what life brings. Think about the distant future, not just the 5 or 10 years that are ahead, they are easy to see. But think about life as a mother, wanting do do the best for your family, wanting to show your child how to work toward accomplishing any goal and help them to do just that.


David! Hey? DAVID! Ya? It?s me?or?you. I?ve come back in time to tell you a few things about the future, and no we don?t have flying cars yet so don't ask. However, you do have a wonderful girlfriend, and it?s NOT the crazy one you have now, and you also are attending a four year Aeronautical University! Yes, YOU David! You have what it takes Dave. Don?t doubt yourself. People will tell you that being a pilot is too hard, and that you can never make it, but let me be the first and really ONLY person to honestly tell you, ?You CAN do it.? Never underestimate yourself, or allow people to put you down because you may not the best at math, or spelling. You have ideas and dreams like the rest of the world, and a circle of friends who will help you along the way. And that new girlfriend I told you about...ya?.she?s great at math! (Wink-wink) Well, I gotta keep going back in time to the year 1955, and make sure our grandpa takes grandma to the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance! See ya!


Be ready for the work. You always hear about the social aspect but no one really prepares you for the work. There's more than you're lead to believe. Be ready to enjoy yourself but also be ready to work. It's not as easy to sail by as in high school. Take advantage of the teachers who are always willing to help and the free tutors. They're there for a reason.


I would let me know how much I'm going to struggle with the financial situation at Embry-Riddle. I would tell me to make sure I apply to as many scholarships as possible and make sure I have the necessary funds weeks ahead of time before the payments are due. I would also tell me to bring more food to the dorms for those ocassions when you can't go to the dining hall. Also, I'd tell me to take GE classes in a community college before going to the university to avoid paying too much for those classes that could've been taken at a much cheaper price somewhere else


I would tell myself to learn really good study habits. Getting good grades came easy to me in high school, yet college has a faster pace and their is little grace. Learning how to study has been the hardest part of college for me.


Enjoy the remaining time with your friends. Enjoy the comfort of home. For once I leave for college , despite what others may say, life will change, home will have a new meaning, and frequent get-togethers with your friends will beomce rare. Once my parents drop me off, wish me luck and head back home, I begin a new chapter in my life. One that will impact my life forever.


First, to look into many different colleges, even if you have one you really want to attend. I think just getting to know people at your college and joining in are very important.