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Describe the students at your school.


Eager to complete a degree. I have one classmate in English Composition and Public Speaking who started out doing horribly, but through encouragement and constructive feedback he ended the course doing very well (better than me in fact). Physics was a very interesting course as our instructor welcomed questions and we hit him with everything we could to understand the concepts behind thermodynamics, conservation of energy, and all of the other topics associated with Physics courses. Political Science was very interesting and we eagerly looked into the political situation of our country.


Friendly and helpful for the most part


I can't answer this question as my coworkers are not in this school. The ones I have interacted with through the classes I have taken online have been great. I find that there is a large disparity in the groups. All age groups and backgrounds.


My current class mates are my brothers in arms. We range from pilots to crew cheifs fighting in sandy environments of Afgahnistan to serving with diginity at home. My class mates are the most reliable, dependable, and intelligent people I know.