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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You're on the right path with the Marine Corps but utilize tuition assistance early on.


The younger me did not know what he wanted to do in life. Young Wayne did not have the experience, knowledge, or conception about what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. However I would encourage him to pursue his education in veterinary medicine and to join the army so that he would still have tuition assistance and the G.I. Bill. Younger me did not believe that he could ever be anything like a doctor or attain a degree higher than an Associate’s Degree. However younger me wanted to travel and work and start his life. There is not much I would do to change that other then tell him my story and life experiences on how I obtained my Bachelors Degree, and my current desire to become a Veterinarian. Younger me always liked to listen to stories and learn from his elders. I believe the story of how I desire to become a veterinarian would be very inspirational to him.


Study Computer Science or Business. They give the best return on your investment in College.


Take more AP courses.


Denise, age 34, is speaking to Denise, age 17: There are so many things I could tell you about life after high school. I could warn you about the dangers of spending time with cliques who don't mean well, and I could also talk to you about refraining from personal relationships with men who could potentially hinder your progress. Many of those things are cliche, though, and I'm sure you'll hear it 100 more times between now and your first semester of college. Denise-34 would like for you to find something you like and are interested in and pursue it. Often times, we get degrees, do well, and then find ourselves in unfulfilling jobs. The pay may be great, but the rewards and quality of your career may falter. People who enjoy their jobs tend to be more efficient and productive. Don't look at this as another 'box' to check off in your journey. Learn from your college experiences, take notes in each class, even when it's not required by the instructor, and find a mentor who will point you in the right direction. Best wishes, Denise-17. You'll do well.


Not everthing is calculated and even if you plan everything, it wont mean that it will work. Remember to plan to fail and to expect the unexpected. Do not let the decisions of everybody else make you change your own decisoins for you might be the only who is right. Just make sure and double check that you made the right choice before jumping head first to it. And above all remember that that any small choice you make now will most likely have a big impact in the future.


Going back in time I would tell myself to attend college immediately after finishing highschool. I would also tell myself to take college very seriously and try my hardest and do my best. If I could go back in time I would be more responsible.


May 16, 2006 was an early morning at Lackland AFB. SSgt Blackman entered our basic training barracks and said, "Boys, I want you to shoot for the stars because when you fail you will have acheived the moon." I would tell myself to dream big and work hard. Everything a person touches with purpose and hard work will only take them hire. The failures of our tomorrows are decided by the success of our todays. No one is exempt from failure; however, those who work with purpose, dilligence, and fortitude will soar higher in the ballon of success and when it bursts they will land successfully above the rest. In a nut shell, life will give you choices your success depends on the choices you make. Never turn a deaf ear to wisdom and wisdom will guide you.


I benefit a lot from my instructors due to the fact that they are experts in their respective field and most of all the quality of education is very high. My bachelor's experience was so breathtaking that i decided to get my master degree even though I'm financially stranded.


I would have told myself to not worry about wasting valuable life at dead end jobs. There are numerous programs that promote financial well-being while going to college. Working isn't everything if you don't do it smartly. The earlier that you start college, and graduate, the better off the future and the job market will be for yourself. You don't have to waste your life in low paying, unrewarding jobs, that you never really like, and always feel like "there has to be more to life than this". Take the four years it takes to get a degree in what you enjoy doing. Life is way too short to be miserable for even just one day, much less for years.