Emily Griffith Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I woul say to myself that I should listen to my father and go to a trade school to become a certified Auto Technician. Before, I looked at that career as something useless and unsuccessful. Now I see it as a great opportunity and a skill that is very beneficial. I have always loved cars and it is always a good idea to pursue something that you love. It will help you get through the thick and thin much more easily.


I would tell myself that I needed to buckle down and study, make good grades and better decisions! To knock off the nonsence that I was involved in. Inform my younger self that as a teenager life is easy, but when you become an adult, and get into a daily routine, its hard to go back to school and get out of your routine. That if you have the chance to go to school when you are young do it. That life is a lot harder than you think it is when you are a teenager. I would pound into my head that you can get a lot further in life with a college education. I would also tell myself that I needed to start applying for grants, scholarships, and loans if needed as soon as I could, because some could take a while to be processed.


If I had a chance to look back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would stress the importance of college. Especially in todays day and age, a college degree is of the utmost importance. I wouls stress that attending college right after high school would be the best step to take and will benefit me more later in life.