Emmanuel College-Boston Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think that everybody who goes to this school finds something new for it to be known for. While I was a student, Emmanuel College was known for its great academic program.


Its sense of community. Its unique position in Boston: small school in a a dynamic city. Really pretty campus. Ability to get to know your professors and the school's professional staff.


My school was all women and then it went Coed in 2001. It is a small school and is right in the middle of Boston.


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For its freedom of religious views among students, even though it is a Catholic college. It is a small school, but is centered in the middle of a large city, so it feels like the city is your campus.


Emmanuel College was an all girls school until pretty recently, so it is know by a lot of people for that.


My school is best known in the rea for having the best dining hall, doing the most community service and for its fashion show. The past few years it has thrown numerous social activities sponsored by HUELLAS and the Black Student Union and they have become somewhat legendary in the area attracting students from all over Boston and creating considerable hype. This school is extremely minority friendly and the services rendered to minorities are unbeatable.