Emmanuel College-Boston Top Questions

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Emmanuel College had a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere that the other schools I considered didn't have. I felt very at home and at ease as opposed to the other larger schools I looked at.


This school requires a general curriculum of broad classes that every student must take to allow for exploration of all major fields. Also, no student declares a major until spring of their sophomore year, allowing for room to grow and explore options without the pressure of being pigeon-holed into a selected major course schedule right away.


My school is very small, we have small classes and this give us the opportunity to have a direct realthionship with the professor and with the other student in the class. The campus is small but very well organized and clean. Everything is easily accessible, and we have a lot of green around. Emmanuel is situate in fenway part at 2 minutes walking to 2 different t stop on the D and C line and this allow you to reach easily every destination in Boston or around Boston. It's very good for commuters. The food is healty and good.


Emmanuel is small and Catholic, but not very conservative (however, it is easy find like-minded people if you are). The big city is outside the walls of the campus, but it doesn't necessarily feel like it with small classes and a community feel. I feel like I recognize a lot of people on campus, even if I don't necessarily say hi to them yet. It takes only a few minutes to get to class, which is really fantastic when you have an 8 AM class.


Emmanuel is a vibrant, tight-knit community. What makes EC so especially unique is its "campus inside a city" location. While walking on the beautiful green campus, you would never know you were actually in the city of Boston, with Fenway Park literally two minutes down the street! There are an endless amount of things to do, both on and off campus. There's always something going on!


There is a strong sense of community. Everyone really gets to know eachother or are familiar with eachother. Going to school here you get to take advantage of the school's resources and the city of Boston's resources as well. You will not regret attending Emmanuel College. Every weekend there are always multiple parties going on and there are plenty of bars in the neighborhood. Always something going on or off campus.